BYDK Answers

Part 2 - ANSWERS

Barbara Blair Benzel

  1. THREW UP IN JOHN GRIEBEL'S CAR - FALSE – It is true that Barbara did hook up with John Griebel for a while after one of our reunions (both were single at the time).  Whether or not she threw up in his car before, during or after going to Pete’s is pure speculation.  (To this day this author swears that Pete’s was the world’s best pizza and haven’t found any on any continent that compares.)
  2. CLIMBED SILO - TRUE – There was a time in her life where Barbara could be easily influenced by demon rum!  She did climb the ladder on a silo although she says it’s okay because she didn’t make it all the way to the top.  Probably only high enough to kill herself if she fell!
  3. BEAT AN ATTACKER - TRUE – Frighteningly it’s true that Barbara was attacked outside her home after going to the grocery store.  What the attacker wasn’t expecting was for this little woman to aggressively defend herself by choking and kneeing him.  He quickly beat a retreat.  You go girl!!!
  4. WON A KARATE TOURNAMENT - FALSE – We’re not aware of Barbara having taken karate lessons yet alone winning a tournament.  There’s some would-be attacker out there who might argue otherwise!
Wayne Reineck
  1. AUDITIONED FOR SENIOR CLASS PLAY - FALSE – We have no doubts that Wayne coulda been a star … but not in the “King and I”.  We’ve heard him sing at reunions and if we can’t say anything nice, we won’t say anything at all!  Bruce got the role because he deserved it.
  2. BANGED HEAD INTO POOL DURING RACE - FALSE - Not sure what events or strokes that Wayne swam for the Custer swim team but we’re pretty sure he never knocked himself out gong into the wall during a heat.  But if he did want to audition for the class play, we’re confident that Coach Henderson wouldn’t be pleased. 
  3. BADGER FOOTBALL GAME - FALSE – There certainly must be stories that Wayne could tell about his participation in hijinks at Badger football games but this one was purely made up … although it does sound like Wayne, doesn’t it?
  4. MIS-IDENTIFIED JOHN LITHGOW - TRUE – It’s possible that at this point John Lithgow is still scratching his head from his run-in with Wayne on a Florida beach.  Given that Lithgow was born in Rochester NY, graduated from Princeton High School and attended Harvard he likely doesn’t think Wayne was a classmate.  Although we do see a resemblance between Lithgow and our classmate John Ruhland! 

  John Lithgow  John Ruhland

Coleen Kober Marshall
  1. LOST AND FOUND BRA - FALSE – It’s true that Coleen did work in the Lost and Found at Custer, however she probably didn’t run into a misplaced bra!  While rumors of Ms. Sherwood’s escapades and her ample bosoms abound, mostly in the fantasies of overly hormoned teenage boys, the Lost and Found wasn’t among them … or were they?
  2. WON PRIZE AND LEFT KIDS AT HOME -TRUE – Coleen seems to have had an excellent lucky streak.  She was the 62nd caller into a program on WTMJ and won a trip to Disney World.  It so happens that both of her kids were wrapped up in classes and other obligations that they couldn’t go, so being the lovely lady she is, Coleen invited her neighbors.  They had a great time!
  3. WON A SECOND PRIZE AND TOOK KIDS - TRUE - Can you believe that?   A couple years later Coleen entered another on-air give-away and won a SECOND trip for 4 to Disney World.  This time they took their children although I’m sure their neighbor would have volunteered again!
  4. GOT LOST GOING TO MADISON - FALSE – We trust Coleen with anything … our money and being able to find her way around.  But we’re sure that if she did get a citation from an officer, she would say something nice about him.
Nancy Davison Boerger
  1. DROPPED BEERS AT OKTOBERFEST - FALSE – Not sure Nancy and Karsten have ever gone to Oktoberfest but it’s true about waitresses carrying an average of 10 steins of beer at a time, with the record being 19! Having attended the Beerfest several times myself, it is also true that a large percentage of attendees are drunken Aussies and Kiwis … almost always in jovial spirits and ready to join you in “ein prosit” (toast) for any or no reason at all.
  2. SWIMS WITH SHARKS - TRUE – Not sure whether it was on impulse or planned defiance, Nancy did jump in Sydney Harbor only to learn later that it is infested with sharks.  She was in no danger, however, since no shark would risk Nancy’s rath if they bit her!
  3. BOARDED BY PIRATES - FALSE – It’s true that Karsten could talk the devil out of his pitchfork in several languages, and historically there have been female pirates … it just didn’t happen to Nancy and Karsten.  What is also true is that Nancy and Karsten spent months sailing off the Argentine and Uruguayan coast while they were living in Argentina. 
  4. SWAM IN WATERFALL - TRUE – Historically Karsten frequently led Nancy astray, her faithfully believing that her husband would never do her no wrong.  Silly girl.  They were in fact in a canyon with a beautiful waterfall and pond … that would have turned into tidal wave if a storm had blown in … which in that area was not unusual.
Gordy Sauer
  1. BANGED INTO TEAMMATE - TRUE – Whether you were playing on the same team or against Gordy (or Ken Walter) you would be subject to any manner of injury.  It didn’t matter.  They wanted the ball … period!  Yes, I already had the rebound when Gordy decided to get it too (even though we were on the same team) when we banged heads causing the blood to flow.  I do still rub my tongue on my lip and feel the lump of scar tissue forever left behind.
  2. PULLED OUT A NIPPLE - TRUE – Known as the “great nipple caper”, Gordy did manage to pull the nipple (stopper) out of the end of a milk bladder intended for a dispensing machine.  And he did stop it only by sticking his finger in it.  There are so many jokes one could make about the incident that we leave them up to your own demented mind to come with one.
  3. HIRED A BUS WITHOUT PERMISSION - TRUE – Gordy, and once again Ken Walter, did rent a bus to take kids to a basketball game of Custer at Elkhorn for which the students had to pay to cover the cost.  The school did find out afterwards, but Gordy denies remembering what punishment was doled out.  That’s because he threw Ken under the bus and Ken was the one disciplined!!!
  4. NUDIST GIRLFRIEND - FALSE – Only in Gordy’s dreams was he ever invited to a nudist beach by an attractive girl to meet her parents!  Besides, who’d want to go to a nudist beach on Lake Michigan near Green Bay at any time of the year?
Part 1 - Bet You Didn't Know ... ANSWERS
Bonnie Buck Walter
  1. GAVE OUT HATS AT KEN'S FUNERAL - TRUE – Ken and Bonnie went to sporting events and concerts all over the world.  At each of them Ken would buy an event specific baseball cap.  At the time of his passing Ken had amassed a closet full of at least 100 caps.  Bonnie had them displayed for guests to take at his funeral, as a remembrance. 
  2. DATED MOST OF THE BASKETBALL TEAM - TRUE – Bonnie’s father absolutely hated Ken … thought Ken was a loser from a loser family.  She was forbidden to go out with him.  So in order to date Ken, Bonnie had to have somebody else pick her up at her house and then meet Ken someplace.  She ultimately ran through most of the basketball team and part of the track team!  Her dad must have thought her to be pretty popular!
  3. BURIED KEN AT THE BOTTOM OF A POOL - TRUE – Ken and Bonnie’s backyard was nothing but a weed patch.  There were problems with uneven lots, rock formations, public passage way behind them, etc.  Although they had a lovely home the backyard sat untouched.  Year after year Ken promised that he’d get a pool, bath house, and sport court … but never got around to doing it.  After the shock of Ken’s passing, completing the backyard became a crusade for Bonnie.  She was going to show him she could get it done.  And she did!  So when they were pouring the pool, Bonnie sprinkled a few of Ken’s ashes in the mix and he finally has the pool he could never do on his own! The backyard is now gorgeous and being enjoyed by Ken’s grandchildren!!!  Do you think they can sense how close he is to them?
  4. MISSED 50TH BECAUSE OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT - TRUE – Some nut job at their business filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.  Bonnie, as the HR person and owner along with Ken, had to be in a court hearing in LA instead of at the reunion.  That’s why they missed the 50th reunion, much to their dismay ... although they prevailed in the lawsuit.
  5. SWITCHED RECORDS TO BE IN SAME CLASS - TRUE – Again, because Bonnie’s father hated Ken, he contacted the school and demanded that the two of them not be placed in the same classes.  Ken figured a way to get into the office and change schedules so they did end up together!
  6. RELATED TO DON NELSON - TRUE – Bonnie’s sister Joy, also a Custer grad, is married to Don Nelson and living in Hawaii. So Don Nelson is Bonnie’s brother-in-law.
Sandy Wachs Oldham
  1. HAD MASTER KEY FOR SCHOOL ROOF - TRUE – There’s probably more to the story but this is as much of a confession as Sandy is willing to admit.
  2. HID IN BOYS' LOCKER ROOM - FALSE – Sandy may have been in the boys’ locker room at some point in time but not that she ever admitted.  However, the boys snapping each other with wet towels is true and many of us had huge welts to prove it, often in sensitive areas!
  3. BEE STING ON NOSE - TRUE – Sandy claims this actually happened.
  4. RAN INTO BY GYMNIST - FALSE – Purely an invented story by a demented author, but Sandy did travel the world as a gymnastics judge.  She most likely has many fascinating stories related to her role.
  5. WEDDING CRASHER - TRUE – The only thing that isn’t clear, with all of the traveling and staying in hotels that Sandy has done, was this just a one-time event?
Jim Cejka
  1. RESCUED EXOTIC DANCER - FALSE – Knowing that Jim hung around with Marines, it’s likely there were strippers involved somewhere, sometime but not in Waukesha.  And John Stanelle owned a number of night clubs and pubs in the Milwaukee area, including The Eagles at one point, but not this fictitious exotic bar.
  2. KEPT JOHN WAYNE WAITING - TRUE – Not only did John Wayne wait somewhat patiently for Jim, but because he kept his boat anchored in Newport Beach and he had a number of crewmen who invariably got injured, Wayne made numerous trips to the clinic.  He got to be on a first name basis with Jim.  The other famous people associated with the hospital is also true.
  3. SNEAKED INTO STADIUM BOOTH - FALSE – Jim may have been freezing but he never made it into the booth as a spotter for the stadium announcer.  This author has first-hand knowledge because he was that stadium announcer.
  4. PUT GOLDEN POINT OUT OF BUSINESS - FALSE – There were a number of Custer classmates who worked at the Golden Point on Villard, including John Griebel, but Jim was not one of them.  It is also true that the employees gave away quite a number of hamburgers and fries which ultimately led to its failure.
  5. ARRESTED NEW SISTER-IN-LAW AT HIS WEDDING - TRUE – It’s a sad tale, but Jim’s new sister-in-law had severe mental problems and what an irony that her hearing would be held in the courtroom where Jim was serving as bailiff.  He, to this day, has not seen her again.

So how well do you know your classmates?  How many did you get right?