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10 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
19 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
16 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
4 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
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5 live in Washington
169 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
175 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 43.2%

A:   202   Joined
B:   266   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

Reunion Dress Code
Wrestling Wwe GIF - Wrestling Wwe Roh GIFs
A preview of Gordy's outfit
We have a very strict dress code for the reunion and it applies to both days.  YOU MUST WEAR CLOTHES.  Beyond that, dress comfortably.  For Gene that may mean a tux but for Wayne it could mean anything.  We're all OLD friends.  We're not impressing anybody any more.  If jeans are your favorite attire ... go for it!  If you think a sportcoat or lady's equivalent, fine ... but not necessary. For those who have been out shopping trying to find something that both looks good AND FITS, too bad. 
Snow Pants GIF - Snow Pants Pants Puffy Pants GIFs

- - - - - - - -

Golf Fail GIF - Golf Fail Missed GIFs
Friday, September 30  10:00 a.m.
Naga-waukee Golf Club - Pewaukee
We once again will be putting our finely honed golfing skills on display at the Naga-Waukee course.  We've got room for a dozen golfers, 6 already signed up, to win valuable prizes and bragging rights.  If you're interested you can send a note to Gordy Sauer using the message center on your left, or directly to the website via the "Contact Us" icon.  As always, we will expect the highest level of behavior standards and golf courtesies!  Prizes will be award at Saturday's reunion ... for those with a doctor's release or having made bail.
                           Golf Cart GIF - Golf Cart GIFs   Getout Fastandfurious GIF - Getout Fastandfurious Golfcart GIFs                                                                                                                       

Friday,September 30 - Saturday, October 1

DoubleTree Inn – Brookfield

Hosted Bar - Both Nights!!!
(Yes John, that means free drinks … but only if you drink responsibly.  Remember, if you eat healthy, get lots of sleep, exercise and drink water … you’ll die anyway.  Enjoy the open bar!)

  Snl Open Bar GIF - Open Bar Bar Drinks GIFs

Friday 9/30 – 5:00 p.m. Informal get together with an open bar (5 – 7 p.m.) and copious amounts of hors d’oeuvres (that means “snacks” Barbara)
Saturday 10/1 - 5:00 p.m. - Open Bar, Dinner (6:00), Music and Activities
Cost … $49 per person total; includes both nights!!!
Registration and meal choices:  You will soon be receiving an invitation in the mail with meal choices and registration information.
Special DoubleTree room rate for Reunion attendees - $89/night
(Ask for the special rate when making reservations)

Arrive in a style befitting your age!

Funeral Hearse GIF - Funeral Hearse Drift GIFs

Yet another… Reunion Discussion Zoom Meeting  

Jerry and Christine Skopek

Christine:  "Do you really think you’re going to make it to your 60th reunion in September?"
Jerry:  "Huh?"
Christine:  "I think you need a hearing test."
Jerry:  "What?  Why would I need a hairy chest to go to a reunion?"

Cant Hear You What GIF - Cant Hear You What Huh GIFs

  Pete and Connie Muckelberg

 (Calling out from the kitchen to Connie in the living room) “Honey, let’s talk about going to my Custer reunion in September?”
… No response. Thinking his wife has a hearing problem, he moves about 20 feet behind her and says …”Can you hear me?” 
… Again getting no response he moves to 10 feet behind her and says… ”Can you hear me now?”
…No response, so he moves 5 feet behind her and says …
… How about now, can you hear me?
…Still no response so he goes up and speaks right into her ear “What about now, can you hear me?”
Connie:  ”For the FOURTH time Dear, YES I CAN HEAR YOU!”

Oo Ouch GIF - Oo Ouch Po GIFs 

  Garry and Shirley Sellers

(Sitting in the backyard enjoying the Californian sun going down over the coastal range.  Garry has a folder and is looking at classmates’ requests for songs to play at the 60th reunion.  Suddenly Shirley picks up a magazine and whacks Garry over the head!)
Garry:  “Ouch!  What the heck was that for?”
Shirley:  “That’s for 56 years of bad sex!”
Garry stews on that one, rubbing his head while trying to understand where that came from.  And then, ah-ha, all of a sudden he reaches over and whacks Shirley on the head with the same magazine.
Shirley: “OW!!! Hey, what was that for?”
Garry:  “That’s for knowing the difference!!!”

Betty White Winking GIF - Betty White Winking You Know It GIFs 

  Wayne and Sandra Sleik Yetman

(Looking in at her husband in the bathroom sucking his tummy in and holding his breath)
Sandra…“How long do you think you’ll be able to hold your breath like that at the reunion?”
Wayne … I’m not practicing holding my breath for the reunion.  This is the only way I can read the numbers on the scale!

Weight Scale Baby GIF - Weight Scale Baby Ahhh GIFs 

  Ken and Luanne Pallaske

Luanne… "so why are you contemplating NOT going to the reunion?"
Ken… "well I feel a bit strange when I think about it."
Luanne… "what do you feel strange about?"
Ken … "there’s at least 75 pounds of me that never went to Custer!"
Luanne… "Do you really think people will recognize you anyway after 60 years, the pandemic quarantine and all the eating and sitting around we’ve done?"
Ken… "Will they recognize me?   Heck when I look in the mirror I don’t recognize me!!!"

Who Is That Ape Oh My GIF - Who Is That Ape Oh My Reflection GIFs 

  Jim and Marian Schopp Bringe

Marian … "I want my last words to be, “I left a million dollars under the …”
Jim … "That’s a little demented, don’t you think?"
Marian … "Well, if you think that’s bad you’re probably not going to like what I put in my funeral instructions."
Jim… "Pray tell …"
Marian … "I want you to take the flowers off of my casket and throw them into the crowd and say, “Who’s next?”
Jim … "Nice.  But what makes you so sure there’ll be a crowd at your funeral?"
No No No No GIF - No No No No No No GIFs

    Bruce and Jan Milke

Bruce:  "I’ve learned two important things in life.  I can’t remember the first one but the second one is that I need to start writing things down."
Jan:  "Yup.  That’s why I order us two of the seniors’ GPS’s.  Not only does it tell you how to get to our destination, it also tells us why we wanted to go there."
Lost Kermit GIF - Lost Kermit Map GIFs

  Dennis and Gert Lucchesi

Gert:  "Can you stop yawning when I’m talking to you?"
Dennis:  "I’m not yawning.  I’m trying to say something!"
Gert:  "Yeah, just like when I told you it’d be nice to have breakfast in bed once in a while and you said, “Sure, go sleep in the kitchen.”
Dennis:  "Well the other day I made you pancakes for breakfast. You said you were surprised but didn’t eat any of them.  So why should I bother?"
Gert:  "Yes, I was surprised.  I’ve never seen anybody using the kitty-liter scooper for a spatula before."

Yuck Mouth GIF - Yuck Mouth Ew GIFs

   Dave and Angie Holms

Dave and Angie were sitting on the couch watching TV.  Dave has the remote and is continuously switching between a fishing channel and a porn channel.
Angie:  For Pete’s sakes Dave, will you leave it on one channel!
Dave:  OK … which one?
Angie:  Leave it on the porn channel.  You already know how to fish!

Eunice Mamas GIF - Eunice Mamas Family GIFs

  Karsten and Nancy Boerger

Karsten:  "I entered a race to see who gained the most weight and lost the most hair."
Nancy:  "I never heard of any kind of race like that."
Karsten:  "Sure you have.  It’s called our high school reunion.  But I’m really looking forward to seeing some people I haven’t seen in 60 years."
Nancy:  "Well, if they haven’t contacted you in 60 years there might be a reason!"

  Rainn Wilson Crying GIF - Rainn Wilson Crying Tears GIFs

  Russ and Patricia McCarthy McCarthy

Russ:  "Pat, are you really going to drive to the reunion?  It’s quite a long way?"
Pat:  "Sure, it’s easier than flying these days with all the problems with airline cancellations."
Russ: " Well, maybe you should look into getting one of those new cars."
Pat:  "What kind of new car?"
Russ:  "The senior edition.  The one where the side view mirror says, “Objects in the mirror wish you would speed up!”

Angry Grandma Driving GIF - Old Lady Driving Old Lady Grandma GIFs


This is it!  The Final Curtain!

Theatre GIF - Musical Theatre Theatre Stage GIFs
Probably the last reunion for most of us!
Last chance for hugs!!!
Group Hug GIF - Community Group Hug Love GIFs

Realistically, it’s not likely people will be traveling back for another reunion in 5 more years, almost certainly not in 10!  We already have lost track of many who may have passed along the way.  There may be some local activities but if you’re ever going to see old classmates again … this is it.

The reunion committee has done everything it can to hold costs to a minimum.  Several people have made large donations as kind of a last class gift (did we have one of those in 1962?  Whatever it was I can't remember and I'm sure it's gone by now!)

We hope you take advantage of it but if not  …


"We'll Meet Again" was, of course, a very popular song among the many "boys" going off to fight in World War II.  It's funny to think that these were our brave, scared dads, uncles, neighbors ... and even our high school principal (he was a colonel), whether we liked them or not.  I guess we'll meet them again, some sunny day.

 - - - - - - -



Those of you still living in Wisconsin, especially the southern portion, may well know about the KQED series “Around the Corner with John McGivern.”  Most of us living in other states have never heard of it.  Terry Levenhagen Hoostra was kind enough to suggest looking at one particular episode, “Havenswood State Forest” (named by a Custer High student).  Sounds like a remote part of the state?  Nope, it’s the area that we, as kids, had known as the area around 61st and Silver Spring, over to Hopkins and out to Good Hope.  It was the home of the Army Nike Site and the “Disciplinary barracks”.

And now it’s a state park and this episode of Around the Corner goes into the details. (Just click on this link)

But note that this is from Season 7, episode 4.  If you scroll down the page a bit you’ll see a tab on the left hand side that says “More episodes and on the right hand side that says “Season 7”.  If you click on “Season 7” you’ll find a drop down menu with the programs for all 9 seasons.  Check them out.  For example, Season 9 Episode 12 features Christmas in Milwaukee past and present.  There’s live video of Capitol Court’s Christmas display and lots of other familiar displays.  Season 9 Episode 11 is called “Then and Now” and looks at some of the roots of Milwaukee and what it looks like now.

And so it goes, 9 seasons with 13 episodes each.  Brady Street, Shorewood, Sherman Park, Brown Deer, Menomonee Falls, Madison, Eagle River, St Francis, and on and on! 

McGivern is a “comfortable” host, quite likeable and he interacts with John Gurda, a historian who adds a lot of the historic perspective.  Bored?  Tired of the summer reruns or the Olympics without spectators … you might want to take a look.

Thank you Terri for sharing.



Danny Devito Nope GIF - DannyDevito Nope HeadShaking GIFs


Milky Way Frozen Custard Stand

The Milky Way Frozen Custard Stand on Port Washington just south of Silver Spring.  (Was that considered Whitefish Bay?)  At one point the carhops were on roller skates and my sister wanted desperately to one day get a job doing that.  When my family made a rare visit we had at least 4 kids in the car.  The order was so big that they had to bring two of those trays that attached to the window!  (Where were the carhops when it came to taking the tray and garbage away?) And a visit wasn’t complete until somebody spilled their drink or dropped their hot dog on the floor.  Later, a fun place to take a date.

Pig & Whistle

The Pig & Whistle, otherwise known to us groupies as “the Hog and Horn”!  This is a real photo of it coming out of Estabrook Park on a typical Milwaukee Spring day!  (Didn’t they also at one time of carhops on roller skates?)  As teenagers we almost always went inside which was supposedly the inspiration for “Arnold’s” on Happy Days.  That’s where somebody taught me to dip my French Fries in 1000 Island dressing … as if they weren’t bad enough for you already!


Ritz Theater - Villard

This 1930's scene of Villard looking east from about 37th street was well before our time.  But it’s the only photo that shows the Ritz before it became the Villa.  I remember it costing 18 cents to get in for the Saturday double feature which also included the cowboy du jour cliff hanger and at least one cartoon.

Inside the Ritz

Inside the Ritz (a.k.a. The Villa), taken in recent years after it became vacant.  Didn’t there used to be a short row of seats on the side aisles that was only accessible by crawling over or under people if you were up against the wall?  And didn’t they have maroon curtains lining the walls, probably for sound reasons?  Of course your feet stuck to the floor from all the soft drinks spilled and never an end to the gum under every seat.  Your coat was sure to find both.  Something happened in our teenage years when people actually went at night and there were some pretty dark corners in the back rows.  There may not have been much movie watching back there, not that I’d know from personal experience.   John Griebel told me about it.  In fact John told me all manner of things that I found shocking.

Swimming Kay Lawrence GIF - Swimming KayLawrence TheGillMan GIFs

The Creature from the Black Lagoon - 1954

It was at the Ritz when I first discovered total fear!  It was the 1954 showing of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”  The terror was so intense that I felt one shock wave after another and it totally consume my mind and body when the creature popped up unexpectantly or was pursuing an unaware swimming lady.  I never felt anything like that before and rarely since.

Villard at 35th Street - 1958

Villard, looking east, at 35th street with Prescription Chemist Drug store on the right (where at one time there was one of Milwaukee’s iconic “bubblers”taken out by this time), the Petcoff’s Standard Oil gas station on the left (with Maertz Department Store just north (left) of the Standard Station.) Next to going downtown, this seemed like the center of the universe.  I can remember going to the Ben Franklin 5 and Dime (or was it Kresge's?) with a dollar from my birthday and feeling like I could buy the whole store. And then picking out some piece of crap that fell apart before the end of the day.


35th Street at Villard

35th Street looking south from Villard, just passed the drug store, Wisconsin Bridge and Iron on the right.  Was it Claud’s on the left that became a local young crowd watering hole? 


Maertz's Department Store

Maertz’s Department store on 35th just south of Villard, across the alley from Petcoff’s gas station.  Bob Maertz’, the owner, in his store was also the father of Susie Maertz from our class who died the week before our 50th reunion.  The Maertz’s bought the house next door to mine when I was 11.  Two cute girls, Susie and her younger sister Sally, were now my neighbors.  I was immediately smitten.  Susie and I would ride our bikes up to the store, hang out for a while, go upstairs where they kept their extra inventory and walk around Villard.  I think it was in 1956 that a fire consumed most of the store and caused the death of their maintenance man.  Shortly after that Bob quit the retail business and moved into electronics.  He actually just passed away last year at the age of 94!

Susie and I reunited via phone calls 50 years later during the preparations for our class reunion.  She recounted that she and I had actually held hands a couple of times!  Wow, we were kinda risqué!

Lynn’s Service Station - Hopkins and Villard

Speaking of Villard, do you recall Lynn’s at the intersection of Villard and Hopkins? Or ….

 ...  Ned’s Pizza

Ned’s started on Villard about 33rd street.  There’s a whole long story about Ned and his family.  I never was a fan of their pizza but many people have told me it was very good.  Ned’s daughter married my cousin.  But my favorite pizza was Pete’s (formerly Piccolo’s) at 76th and Capitol.  That’s gone now so Mama Mia’s has taken over the top spot for me when I’m visiting Milwaukee … mostly because of its lethal garlic bread literally dripping with butter!

... and finally, Shorty's on Villard

Not sure if classmates are enjoying these look backs at the "good old days".  Let me know if it's time to stop or keep going.

Taylor Taylorswift GIF - Taylor Taylorswift Lazy GIFs

- - - - - - - - - - -

More Milwaukee Memories

Silver Spring at 51st - early 1950's

Silver Spring was a two lane road with no sidewalks during most of our childhoods.  This intersection would be on the corner of McGovern Park on the lower left, and the Army Nike site would be built on the right.  And Nancy Root grew up near here on the left as well.  I recall walking to Carleton grade school on narrow foot paths along side of the road with cars zipping by a few feet away.  After our area was declared Granville and shifted us to Browning at 76th street,  during the summer I would ride my bike from 33rd to 76th to play baseball with Ray Thompson, Wayne Oneska, John Gilbert, etc., "sharing" the road with traffic! I specifically remember this area because it began a long, slow uphill portion of the ride, except it was downhill going home!


Hampton and Sherman - mid-1950's       Hampton and Sherman - 1960

Reopening celebration of Hampton and Sherman - 1960 (Are you in the photo?)


The Victory Drive-in in Butler      The Starlight Drive-in in "The Falls"

Recollections - Sneaking people in using the trunk; jocking around for the prime parking spot ("prime" being defined by whether you were there with a date or not); trying to find a speaker that works; windows steaming up; a zillion people trying to get to the snack bar or the filthy restrooms at intermission; trying to find your car coming back with an armload of goodies, or worse, going to the restroom during the movie and looking for your car in the dark while trying not to peek into other cars; and Ron Willman practicing palming basketballs with his date ... or so he says that's what he was doing.  I do believe there may have been some biology lessons involved here ... unless, of course, you were with your family.

Weather People


These two are easy, the gorgeous Judy Marks and Bill Carlson

(BTW - Judy died in 2011 at the age of 83.)

But do you recall the names of these people and their friend?


And finally ... who is this guy?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Childhood Memories

in Photos

Recently discovered photos from our old stomping grounds on the northside of Milwaukee.  There's a bunch of them and each of them transport you back to those days gone by.  There's only room for a few of them on the website so here's a sample today.  Then it's time to figure out how to put more on the website without using up all of our memory allocation. 

Some of these will bring out specific memories for you.  We'd like to hear about them.  Use the "Message Forum" to tell us your story.

The caption for this photo says, "Silver Spring Pool" and has no date.  But clearly it must be McGovern Park pool and perhaps the grand opening.  Maybe it was the forerunner of the McGovern name or the lack of knowledge of the archivist.   Not many girls around and a bunch of old pervert guys in white shirts gawking.  Ron Willman insisted on pointing out that besides the girl on the end of the board there is another girl waiting at the back of the board.  To the right of the second girl is a man with his tie askew.  Behind him is another girl ... who appears to be having swimming suit equipment problems!  (You may have to exam it as closely as Ron did!)

McGovern pool ...foot inspections; wet changing rooms that got your clothes soaked but mostly your underwear; wire baskets for your clothes with numbers on pins that were sure to open unexpectedly while swimming; puddles of water on the deck heating in the sun in which kids laid, along with a zillion germs but it was warm; getting in line for tickets at 11:00 in time for the opening and staying until late afternon (sun screen?  what was that?); the snack bar with mostly junk;  and most everybody has a story of almost drowning at one time or another and/or learnng how to swim!!!



Check out the "In Memory" tab for information on the rediscovered commemorative video for our classmates who had passed prior to the 50th Reunion