Commemorative "In Memory" YouTube video found!

As you may recall, Fred Michael and I collaborated on a video dedicated to our classmates who had passed away prior to our 50th Reunion in 2012.  We used a special recording of "Fields of Gold", by a singer who had passed away herself.  Well the copywrite police pulled the video from YouTube.  It's a good thing because it made me tear up everytime I watched it ... and I probably watched it a zillion times, each time shaking my head in sorrow and disbelief.

I don't even know what I was researching for, nothing to do with Custer, when I accidentally stumbled across a listing of the video!  So I tried it .. AND IT WORKS!!!  I don't know how long it will last before it's pulled again but in the meantime, if you feel like a good tear jerker, here once again is an encore performance of "In Memory":



What we once enjoyed we can never lose.


By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Dennis Andert (Deceased 2016)  
David Anello (Deceased 1999)
Erica Bader (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard Baker (Deceased 2022)
Barbara Baxter (Deceased 1993)  
Carolyn Bentz (Sommer) (Deceased 2005)
Heinz Berke (Deceased 1971)
Barbara Beyer (Deceased 2008)
Barbara Biesel (Rank) (Deceased 2022)
Sandra Blando (Deceased 1987)  
Audrey Blawat (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jeanne Blomberg (Deceased 2007)  
Richard Boettcher (Deceased 2009)
Harriet Bollmann (Wright) (Deceased 2019)
Kenneth Breckenfelder (Deceased 2018)  
Le Roy Breest (Deceased 2005)  
Marion Brigham (Deceased 1985)  
Angela Campagna (Friday) (Deceased 2016)
Ronald Casper (Deceased 1991)
Donald Christnacht (Deceased 1977)  
John Clark (Deceased 2021)
Elsworth Coons (Deceased 1998)
Laurene Cooper (Deceased 1980)
Marvin Creviston (Deceased 2006)
Darrell Dachelet (Deceased 2016)
Marcine Dekoning (Krey) (Deceased 2002)
Diane Emery (Pier) (Deceased 1995)
Terry Engel (Deceased 2013)
Michael Fargo (Deceased 2015)  
Alan Fiene (Deceased 2003)
Ronald Franzel (Deceased 2022)
Steven Frazier (Deceased 2003)
David Genthe (Deceased 2009)
Mary Gerstl (Deceased 2007)  
Thomas Gibowski (Deceased 2004)  
Ted Giencke (Deceased 2024)
Gary Gietler (Deceased 2018)
Diane Gillick (Deceased 1977)
Andrea Gorzek (Humphrey) (Deceased 2002)
John Griebel (Deceased 1989)  
Bryan Gutknecht (Deceased 2023)
Judy Habush (Deceased 2006)
Judy Halbing (Deceased Year Unknown)
Sharon Hanson (Carini) (Deceased 2022)
Randall Heckendorf (Deceased 2012)
James Helmle (Deceased 2011)  
James Heron (Deceased 2006)
Meribeth Hodges (Engelfried) (Deceased 2018)  
Nancy Homan (Binder -Cagley) (Deceased 2018)  
Barbara Huelse (Bohachek) (Deceased 2000)
Donna Karl (Leitzke) (Deceased 2022)  
Joanne Keller (Kellom) (Deceased 2014)  
Jerome Kelly (Deceased 2018)  
Barbara Kimmel (Deceased 2008)  
Eldine Klein (Friedman) (Deceased 2012)
James Klomberg (Deceased 2023)
Patricia Kluhsman (Deceased 2010)
Michael Koester (Deceased 2024)
Marianne Kovach (Krause) (Deceased 2005)
James Krenz (Deceased 2022)
Douglas Krueger (Deceased 2016)  
William Krueger (Deceased 1993)
Dale Landvatter (Deceased 2012)  
Ronald Langkau (Deceased 1994)  
Bonita Lentz (Deceased 1993)
Judith Lewinski (Deceased 1982)
Edward Lewis (Deceased 2023)
Gunther Lindermeier (Deceased 2015)
Susan Maertz (Stowers) (Deceased 2012)  
Leonard Malvick (Deceased 2019)
Allen Marchel (Deceased 2003)
Richard Marschall (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Christopher Marx (Deceased 2015)  
John McCormack (Deceased 1989)  
Mary Merz (Deceased Year Unknown)
Donald Meyer (Deceased 2012)
Jacqueline Neist (Naumann) (Deceased 2020)
Wayne Oneska (Deceased 1991)  
Shirley Pawelski (Willkomm) (Deceased 2012)  
William Pawelski (Deceased 2006)
Larry Peterson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard Phillips (Deceased 2014)
Norbert Reindl (Deceased 1996)  
Lois Reinke (Deceased 1975)  
Ethel Reskin (Deceased 1979)
Greta Ribak (Ash) (Deceased 2001)
Pamela Ritchie (Deceased 1986)  
Carol Rode (Knutson) (Deceased 2022)
Richard Ross (Deceased 2001)  
Terrence Rybacki (Deceased 2004)
Joann Sable (Deceased 1981)  
Carol Sarg (Kaebisch) (Deceased 2014)
Marcia Schlehlein (Bishanell) (Deceased 2016)
David Schlicht (Deceased 1981)
Thomas Schmerda (Deceased 2007)  
Dennis Schultz (Deceased 2004)
Lahoma Skoor (Deceased 1984)
Dennis Sorensen (Deceased 2022)
Frederick Stadler (Deceased 2002)
Judith Steinhaus (Kloety) (Deceased 2017)
Barbara Stelzl (Deceased 1995)  
Marilyn Stuck (Deceased 2008)
Mary Stuhmer (Kurkerwicz) (Deceased 2013)  
Richard Tamsen (Deceased 2016)
Ronald Thon (Deceased 1967)  
James Treutelaar (Deceased 2015)
Dennis Unterholzner (Deceased 2022)
Mark Volk (Deceased 1984)  
Sandy Wachs (Oldham) (Deceased 2022)
Wayne Wallace (Deceased 1998)  
Kenneth Walter (Deceased 2016)  
Eugene Wardesky (Deceased 2007)  
Ruth Wentz (Deceased 2004)
Marilyn Westcott (Deceased Year Unknown)
Karen Wilhelm (Deceased 1967)  
Tom Winslow (Deceased 2012)  
Carol Zepezauer (Drefahl) (Deceased 2013)  
Alex Atlas (Deceased 2003)
Fred Bahr (Drivers Ed) (Deceased 2001)  
Genevieve Barron (Commercial) (Deceased 1986)
Ellen Bell (Special Ed) (Deceased 1975)
Irene Benker (Commercial) (Deceased 1987)
Margaret Berg (Math) (Deceased 2006)  
Henry Boyer (Science/Social Studies) (Deceased 1985)
Louis Briska (Business Ed) (Deceased 2006)
Catherine Collins (Science) (Deceased 2001)
Murray Denmark (Exceptional Ed) (Deceased 2007)
Norman Eberhardt (Industiral Ed) (Deceased 1987)  
Kathleen Gordon (English) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Irma Gregar (Math) (Deceased 2007)
Albert Groves (Social Studies) (Deceased 1992)
Marvin Hagopian (Science) (Deceased 2008)  
Daniel Harris (Social Sci) (Deceased 1996)  
George Henderson (Physical Education) (Deceased 2005)  
Mary Jane Huard (English) (Deceased 1996)
Emma Jungton (Foreign Languages) (Deceased 1996)  
Jerome Kopecky (Business Ed) (Deceased 2000)
Irving Korth (Science) (Deceased 2009)
Connie Krucky (English) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Siegfried Kulbacki (Science) (Deceased 1979)  
Dorothy Landwher (English) (Deceased 1973)
Edith Machotka (Home Ec) (Deceased 2001)
Peter Marino (Foreign Language) (Deceased 1981)  
Walter McGarty (Commercial) (Deceased 1969)
Genevieve Meany (Commercial) (Deceased 1979)
Raymond F Michalak (Principal) (Deceased 1979)  
Stanley Miles (Technical) (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Miller (Commercial) (Deceased 1963)
James Patzman (Special Ed) (Deceased 1995)
Lloyd "Pete" Pertersen (Deceased 2016)
Chester Pluta (Science) (Deceased 2005)
Marcella Porter (Home Ec) (Deceased 2008)
Herbert Royal (Science) (Deceased 1995)  
Joseph Rubatt (Asst To Principal) (Deceased 1994)  
Lorena Scherkenbach (Guidance) (Deceased 2001)
Elsa Schoeneich (Mathematics) (Deceased 1987)
Daniel Schultz (Music/Sci) (Deceased 2011)
Shirley Sherwood (Deceased 2015)
Albert Siemsen (Deceased 2003)
David Sneen (Technical Ed) (Deceased 2007)  
Joseph Spicuzza (Social Science) (Deceased 2003)
Stnley Sprecher (Deceased 1986)
Edward St John (Deceased 2009)
Eugene Stephan (Deceased 2012)
John Vancos (Business Ed) (Deceased 2005)
Dorothy Wallschlaeger (Math) (Deceased 2012)  
Lloyd Welton (Deceased 2007)

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