Web Site Help

Uploading your personal photos - Your personal photos add "life" to your profile.  You can easily upload from any of your picture libraries on your computer or smart phone.  It requires Adobe FLASH!  Also, the web pages here have limited size capabilities.  Smart phones and many digital cameras take large, high pixel photos.  They will upload here but may take so long that you think it's not working.   If you're having trouble, try reducing the size of the photo in your library before uploading it to your profile.  If you are still having problems, contact me, Garry Sellers.

Live Chat or Instant Message - Our web site has the capability of linking you up for realtime live chat (or Instant Messaging) with other classmates who may be visiting our site at the same time.  After you sign on you will notice in the lower right hand corner of your screen a box that says "1 Member Online" or "4 Members Online".  If you click on that box the names of your classmates who are currently online will appear.  If you click on a name a separate box will appear for that person.  Type a message you want to send and hit your return key.  The message will instantly be conveyed to that person.  You may even want to go to a "private chat room"  ... but don't ask me why!  Actually the chat room have more capabilties and you can invite any number of members to join you.   Under your profile you must have the bottom optional box checked that says "Instant Messages".

Forgot Password - If you've forgotten your password for our web site, you can click on the button below the sign-in that says "forgot pasword".  The response will come from "Class Creator" to your regular email address.  A classmate complained about no response.  I tried it and it took over 5 hours to receive the email!   As administrators we do not have access to your password.  However, we do have the ability to "reset" your password to a new password.  That may be the best alternative.  The only drawback to that is that we can only help you once we're online ourselves.  Contrary to popular rumor, Gino and I actually do have another life so we may not be any more responsive than class creators.  We'll do our best to meet your needs (unless you live in San Francisco!).