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08/23/21 11:56 AM #3134    


William Nelson

Hi, Y'all! We're in Waukesha for a couple of weeks, awaiting the birth of our 8th great-grandbaby. They want to be surprised, so we won't know the gender until it's born. We arrived on Friday the 13th after a day that sounds a lot like Gary's vacation went. Drove through torrential rain north of Poplar Bluff, MO for a couple of hours, but made it to Watertown safely, at long last. We spent three nights there before moving to Waukesha. Mary's middle sister died from COVID in December, but they couldn't have the funeral then, so we gathered at the Rock River for a service last Saturday with perfect weather. The ladies of the church put out one of the best meals of our trip, so far, before we headed to the cemetery in Wales.

The following day we all gathered at the home of a nephew in Pewaukee, to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mary's eldest sister, who also had a bout of COVID, but survived and is doing very well. Guess her seven kids keep her busy, now that most have kids of their own. Really enjoyed that event, because we were able to have good conversations with the "kids" we haven't seen for years, and their kids, most of whom we'd never met before except seeing pictures of them.

We're trying to make arrangements to see all of our grandkids and great-grandkids in the area during the next week, or more. We'll hang around until the new baby arrives and then head out to the Western part of the state to visit some of my relatives and friends from Onalaska to Chetek. Hope we'll be able to head home by the end of the month.

We took a day trip on Saturday to Waupaca to see our eldest grandson and his son. They have a brand new home with plenty of yard work to complete, but he needed knee surgery on Thursday, so the yard will have to wait a while. After lunch, we headed to Wautoma (it's getting difficult to sort out all the Wau-Wau's) to visit Dan & Janet Farchione (Class of '61) at their summer home. They've been cleaning up after a tornado went through their property and dropped several large trees. This is the 3rd time they've been hit with a tornado. The first, about a dozen years ago, dropped nearly 30-trees, and lots of damage to neighbors property, as well. The last two have only affected them. He said he's having trouble getting rid of the wood. Most is cut into stove lengths and they do have a wood furnace and fireplace, but spend their winters at their home in Yuma and count on their backup furnace to keep things from freezing up. They're doing pretty well, with the usual problems folks of our age deal with.

Sorry Gary's Wisconsin visit was fraught with problems, but I suspect some of his narrative resembles a fish tale where it gets a bit grander with each telling! :) Our only complaint, so far, is heavy traffic, lots of construction, and too many folks trying to use the same facilities. Life here is more hectic than in Quitman, LA. After we've visited as many family and friends as we can, we'll be more than happy to head home.

Stay safe and avoid COVID.

08/23/21 09:24 PM #3135    


Jim Cejka

Sounds like you had a good time.

08/23/21 10:56 PM #3136    


Garry Sellers

Yes Jim, I did.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Wisconsin certainly has its idiosyncracies but it's lakes and forest are something special ... being with old friends (even Gordy) makes it better ... and a big family reunion, especially knowing it's probably the last one for more of our dwindling family, makes it memoriable. Rain, heat and humidity, bumpy plane rides, bugs and critters, bad drivers etc., are small inconveniences.  Sitting on our patio overlooking Duck Lake with 15 relatives retelling hilarious family stories and laughing until our sides ached ... was worth almost anything.

08/31/21 09:18 AM #3137    


John Leopold

Admittedly not the brightest bulb in the package, but I can't find the registration button on the Christmas page. Help!

08/31/21 06:18 PM #3138    


Jim Cejka

A realization - 


This Covid thing has been around so long that many TV shows have created episodes including it - - - and now they’re in reruns!

08/31/21 09:21 PM #3139    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

John Leopold, You're absolutely correct! There IS nothing to click to register for  September 18th. But there used to be, because I did it, back in June. Don't know what happened. Also, the message lists this as our Birthday Celebration. Not so!



09/01/21 08:08 PM #3140    


Roger Pederson

John and others waiting to register for the September 18th Christmas party - the site is back up and running. Just click on the 2021 Christmas in September tab and follow the instruction at the top of the page.

09/02/21 05:39 PM #3141    


Jim Cejka

That time in Wisconsin:

09/03/21 03:35 PM #3142    


Lauren Dieterich

It may be that time in Wisconsin; but, not in Arizona. For most of June, July and August Bullhead City, AZ has been the hottest city in the state. It is 1:15 pm here in Bullhead City and it is 111 degrees. At the end of the month it will still be in the mid 90's.This summer has been a little different from last summer. Last summer we had 2 straight months of 120+ days. This summer, we had most of our 120 degree days in June. The rest of the summer has been between a 105 and a 119. And, we've actuall had  3 cool days in the upper 90's. Also, for most of the summer, our humidity has been under 10%; some days the humidity has been 0%. We do the same thing, when it's in the 100's that those of you living in Wisconsin and Michigan do when it's below zero. We don't go out. If we do go out, it's from the air conditioned house, to the air conditioned car, to the air conditioned wherever your going, back to the air conditioned car and your air conditioned house. There have been some nights where it never dropped below a 105 degrees. We brag about our heat the same way that you Northerner's do the cold. 

09/10/21 07:44 PM #3143    


Jim Cejka

Jeopardy Saga - continued

Finished watching the rerun Tournement of Champions. Hey, that Buzzy guy was really good. I didn't like him when he was a contestant, and didn't pay too much attention to him when he hosted the Tournement in the original showing (I was too busy keeping my streak of wrong answer/questions in tact.), but I was impressed watchng him this time. He was real, not pretentious, was fast with the answers and quips, and at ease with the contestants. I was comfortable with him, he was the most "Alex" like so far. 

09/18/21 02:43 PM #3144    


Gordon "Allen" Mitchell

Just wanted to say “Best Wishes” to all classmates and a special “Have a great time,” to those meeting up today!
Maybe one day I’ll make it back!  Lol
Lun Tha

09/23/21 09:21 PM #3145    


Jim Cejka

From the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits - 

Draco Malfoy had a "medical incident" while playing in a celebrity/pro match at the Ryder Cup Tournement today at Whistling Straits. He was carted off the field and taken to a local hospital. 

"Petrificus Totalus"?, "Locomotor Wibbly"? - How likely is it that the people at Sheboygan Medical Center know the appropriate counter-curse?

10/05/21 02:52 PM #3146    


Jim Cejka

Happy now Garry? The Giants managed to sneak in and the 49ers, well, got beat by a team almost as good as the Packers.

And what's wrong with Whistling Straits, other than there's no straits along that part of the shore? It looks like a nice course, and no trees to block the views or for the balls to hide behind. The broadcast coverage was great, they even plugged Sheboygan and brats, and Wisconsin gave them 4 good days in a row. 

10/08/21 08:24 PM #3147    


William Nelson

I just got around to looking at the photos of the "Christmas in September" get-together. The only one I recognized was Roger Pederson. I realized I'd never added an update about our Wisconsin trip. Our long-awaited 8th grandbaby turned out to be a healthy boy, born on September 7th. We each got to see him, separately, for about 10-minutes the following day. Our granddaughter offered to let us hold him, but we both decided we'd rather not risk passing along any bugs he might not be able to fend off. He was definitely worth the wait. His folks post pictures of him, nearly daily, on a closed site, so we get to keep up with him. He's got very long legs and we suspect he'll be taller than both of his parents when he grows up. We stopped overnight that evening in Madison to visit more relatives and then headed home the next morning. We decided to skip our usual sojourn into Western Wisconsin, although we like that portion of the state the best. The majority of our relatives live within a 20-mile radius of Waukesha, so that usually becomes our base. 

We did visit Ken Rabas and Camilla again this year. She bought a home with a view of Pewakee Lake, but she's not sure she'll make it permanent. She likes the city life in Milwaukee. They both appear to be healthy and happpy, and we hope that is the same for all the other classmates.

10/08/21 09:51 PM #3148    


Bonnie Buck (Walter)

Looks like I missed a good time at the Christmas in September festivities.  With all of the contractor work going on FINALLY improving my back and front yards, I couldn't leave.  Ha ha Ken - our granddaughters love the pool and come over more often!  Well, at least they do when not playing soccer or doing school work.  As Garry said, the drop in temperature doesn't help either.

10/21/21 03:22 PM #3149    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Nice planning with the wine rack, Garry.

No earthquake drills here, but rain jackets and umbrellas get a workout. Just geared up for a walk but checked the radar. Nope, no go. Yesterday I started out in glorious sunshine. Fifteen minutes into the walk the sun disappeared, wind across the lake kicked up, and temperature plummeted. Happy to dash back home without getting dumped on. Now hoping the garden dries out in time to cut off the rest and pick it all up. Pontoon is shrink-wrapped, docks are in, deck chairs in the garage, and woodrack full. Almost time to order a fresh turkey - where does the time go?

10/21/21 04:04 PM #3150    


Jim Cejka


When we lived out there a couple of years ago, before moving to wetter and no traffic South Carolina, we had the drought and the reseviors were less than half full. They said it would take at least 5 plus years of rain and snow to refill the reseviors and aquifers. That winter had rain and snow and everything was refilled over just one winter. That was the last time things were full. Maybe you'll get lucky again this winter, with La Nina doing its thing. 

And, is your wine rack equiped with shock absorbers, just in case of "the big one?"

10/22/21 03:31 PM #3151    


Lauren Dieterich

I haven't been on here for awhile; so, a medical report first. I have COPD stage 1. My goal is to keep it there as long as possible. Copd is usually listed as emphyema or cronic bronchitis. My pulmonollogist says to ignore that. COPD is always both. 2 years ago my mytrol valve had a slight leak. A year ago, I was told that all 4 heart valves have a slight leak; but, nothing is bad enough to do anything about. I had an EKG  this morning, my heart checks out. I'm waiting for an insurance OK for a MRI. I might have had a mild stroke this last Sunday night. I see my eye Doctor nexr week. I hope that my catracts are ready for surgery. I'm tired of using a flashlight to read anything. I was told that the delay in catract surgery, is waiting for insurance coverage. I think that that is all medically. The Vietnam Travling Wall is in town this weekend. It will be my 7th time going to see it.. I will see it every time that it is in the area. There are way too many names on the Wall of guys that I served with, even if only for a few months, that I don't remember. To everyone, if the Wall is ever in your area, Go see it. It's an expierence that you will never forget. I always go after dark. It's easier to be with your thoughts.  Also, the Wall is the only place that I've ever been where you don't see kids running around like idiots.  If you want dry, stay here for a year. We're across the river from where Nevada comes to a point. We've had a little less than a 1 1/2 " of rain to date. Normal is about 4 1/3", which is very dry. Lake Mead is at about a third of capacity.  This has been our 5th summer, here. Summers mean 30 to 40 days above a 110 degrees. Up to this summer, we could handle it. This summer was different. Maybe, it's my medical condition; but, it was very hard to take. We are thinking about moving to more moderate summers. Snowbirding is out. We did that for 6 years, never again. Wisconsin, Michigan winters are out, too. I can't shovel any amount of snow, no matter how light and below freezing/zero temperatures are out, too. I'm thinking of my land in Deming, NM  or Sierra Vista, AZ. Both have moderate summers and winters have a few below freezings days and snow usuall melts within a few hours. A lot depends upon Judi. I know that this is a little long: but, I haven't posted on the site in a long time. But, I always read every post.

10/23/21 11:31 AM #3152    


Jim Cejka

Man, the Christmas made-for-tv-movie deluge has begun. OK, We can use a period of guaranteed feel-goodies (Packer games aren’t guaranteed.) The problem is, for the casual viewer (meaning my wife has control of the remote), keeping the people in them straight. So many have been in this summer’s feel-goodies and series, that they’re all familiar. So, when you look up, is that person now the librarian, or the baker, or the professor you saw a week or two ago who is now the cop, military person, country singer, ranch owner who was the high school sweetheart, teacher, travel writer before? Of course, they’re all single and have the mandatory off-the-wall (in)significant others, bosses, mentors. Grandparents and kids are also cute and interchangeable, Is grandpa Santa or just look like him, magic powers? 


Oh well, maybe that’s part of the intended attraction, they’re all comfortable, familiar faces, easier on the eyes (if not the brain), and it’s Christmas. . . .

10/24/21 08:45 PM #3153    


Jim Cejka

Hey Garry,

Watching the Sunday night footbal game. Looks like you're getting some rain.

10/24/21 09:05 PM #3154    


Garry Sellers

Yeah ... rain. Sideways. First time in October in 8023 years or some ridiculous period. Headed straight for the 330 sq miles Caldor fire area near Tahoe (in comparison Milwaukee is less than 100 sq miles).  Guess what that much rain will do. We'll have the Sierras down here with us flatlanders by tomorrow!

10/25/21 10:30 AM #3155    


Lauren Dieterich

What's rain?  Here in Bullhead City,AZ, our last measrurable rain ( .02 inches, I don't even kow how you can measure .02 inches of rain )was 3 months ago. Our total amount of rain, year to date, is 1.82 inches, normal is 4.71 inches. Thats drought level. Anyone who has any extra moisture, please send it our way. We'll even take a heavy fog.

10/25/21 07:27 PM #3156    


Barbara Blair (Brenzel)

We had heavy duty rain all night. along with tremendous winds.  We had been having really beautiful Fall weather - now I'm sure many trees have lost their leaves,  I'll take the rain though - much better than snow!  I love Wisconsin but Winter does just last a "tad" too long!


11/13/21 12:38 PM #3157    


Garry Sellers

Wait, wait, wait!!!  I was in a mall yesterday and expected to see a few early Christmas decorations.  What I didn't expect was a complete Christmas transformation of the mall to include a real live Santa ...IN A COVID FACE MASK!  First of all, why do we have Thanksgiving Day parades?  So Santa can come to the mall!  So we can start listening to Billy the Brownie on the radio! So we can start thinking about getting out our own decorations.  But, NO, there he was in all of his splendor and a horrifying Covid face mask (plus it was 75 degrees out).  Now if kids are already naturally afraid of a big fat, loud mouth, bearded and often bad breath guy wearing weird clothes ... what do you think the kids feel being forced to sit on his lap and he's also wearing a mask?  Hello Mr. Stanger Danger!!!  But there they were, screaming, crying kids lining up to be manhandled by this bizarre looking man and being told to smile ... on November 12th!  Come on people ... I'm not even adjusted to losing Day Light Savings time yet!!!  At 3:30 I'm already thinking about dinner time!

11/18/21 03:27 PM #3158    


Jim Cejka


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