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This message forum is an ongoing discussion about anything and just about everything ... within reason.  One thing our class was good at was having opinions.  Almost 70 years of life experience certainly qualifies us as experts on most everything!   Ask a question ... give an opinion ... share some insights ... it's our web site, it's our forum.  That said, it's probably not a good idea to get into arguments about politics, religion, and the like.  While we're experts on everything, we also have a wide range of values and beliefs. This site belongs to all of us ... the whole range ... and we are not here to isolate, alienate, or subjugate anybody.  Of course insults, humiliation, sophomoric barraggadocio, and demented humor is expected behavior among some of us less mature people.

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12/20/20 10:01 PM #3003    


Melody Jones (Parker)

  This speaks for itself, I need not add to it!

12/21/20 08:56 PM #3004    


Jim Cejka


"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastme."

Laura Ingalls Wilder 



12/23/20 01:33 AM #3005    


Melody Jones (Parker)

I know, New Jersey daughter responsible for this one;  Could not resist


12/24/20 12:57 PM #3006    


Sandy Wachs (Oldham)

12/25/20 11:07 AM #3007    


Gordon "Allen" Mitchell

12/26/20 05:32 PM #3008    


Jane Bednarz (Holdridge)

Glad to see that someone is enjoying Florida this year!!   SW Florida is having a cold and rainy spell for the Holidays.   And we are all wearing our masks and staying home or in Small groups to celebrate.   Can't wait to escape and for the Sun to shine again.

Best wishes to all for a great Virus Free 2021!!

12/26/20 07:37 PM #3009    


Jim Cejka

And, in Florida when it gets cold, you have to watch out for falling iguanas.

12/27/20 02:13 PM #3010    


Garry Sellers

Soooo .... how did it go?  Christmas Eve day for us ... we had more fun than any of us ever thought we could have outside.  The weather was perfect ... two tables on either side of the yard with different food trays for each of my two sons' families, masks (much of the time but not always).  Turns out being together anywhere is more important than being on top of each other indoors.  Then Christmas Day they each spent at home opening presents from Santa and the "in-laws". We couldn't ask for much more this year!

P.S.  I hope you enjoyed the "ultra egos" and the Christmas music on the homepage.


12/28/20 04:48 PM #3011    


Jim Cejka

As for Christmas, it was Christmas. Grandgirls are still adorable and lovable, even on Skype.

As for the rest of the year - 

12/29/20 10:40 AM #3012    


Lauren Dieterich

I guess that Christmas is far enough in the past, that you can't really call this a wet blanket on everything.. This is the second Christmas since my son died. It still feels like yesterday. Sometime in the 2 weeks before Christmas, Judi and I managed to get the COVID virus. On the 14th I took Judi to the ER for a NON COVID related problem. It was a urinary infection.. Before she was released the hospital did a COVID test. It was positive. Because of that,I requested a home test from my insurance ( it's the same test that Mohave County uses ) It came back positive. The past 2 weeks were, I think, the most miserable that I've spent in my entire life. The first couple of days, we were so dizzy that we could barely stand; and, add nausea. Tomorrow is my last  day of quarantine. We feel pretty good in the morning, then we get out of bed. We are so weak that anything that we do is a major project. Making the bed requires 2 rest periods. To top it off, I can NOT take the COVID vaccine. It can cause major problems with my COPD. Anyone who tries to tell me that I have entered my Golden Years, will not like my answer.

12/30/20 01:19 PM #3013    


Garry Sellers

Lauren - Trust me, we all feel your pain.  It's been a tough couple of years for you ...for many of our classmates.  The only thing I can say is that thank goodness you are so strong and are dealing with it.  A lot of people would have quit, gone into a shell, stopped everything, given up.  But you're here and sharing, battling back against this horrid virus ... and even stopping by this website to be near old friends ... and hopefully getting a smile or two.  Some pains will never go away but I'm sure our classmates ... our old friends ... join me in wishing you a much better 2021 and know ... you are never alone. 

12/31/20 10:18 AM #3014    


Lauren Dieterich

Thanks for the support, Garry. As for dealing with everything, it's deal with it or sit on the tracks. I'm not ready to sit on the tracks. A co-worker of my Dad's, after his wife died, sat on the tracks by 37th and Eggert. when the Hiwatha came through. To everyone, have a Good New Year. The way that things are now, Happy just doesn't fit.

01/02/21 11:31 AM #3015    


Garry Sellers

Did you make any New Years resolutions?  You have a chance to share them here or risk them being exposed on the homepage ... with editorial license!   Mine is to before summer take down all the damn Christmas decorations I optimistically put up at Thanksgiving. What was I thinking?  It's not like we had any visitors!  When my sons and their families did come over it was in the backyard.  Think June is soon enough?  We're doing a family reunion in August in Eagle River. Maybe I'll wait until after that!!!

01/02/21 05:50 PM #3016    


Jim Cejka

To all the Garrys - 

01/08/21 11:17 AM #3017    


Sandy Wachs (Oldham)

My New Years resolution will be to become a ostrich.  Then I will stick my head in the sand until all of this goes away.  Wait a minute.  Do ostriches die of asphyxiation??  I asked Suri, and she said that ostriches do not stick their heads in the sand.  There goes my New Years Resolution.  

01/21/21 07:10 PM #3018    


Jim Cejka

Not trying to be blasphemous, but raise you hand if you think Ken Jennings is doing pretty OK on Jeopardy so far.


01/22/21 06:48 AM #3019    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Spot on, Jim! I'm wondering exactly what experience prepared him so well.   Clear enunciation, and good pacing - even with a sense of humor thrown in. He must have good parents - it's not always easy at school for a wimpy male nerd with a lisp.

01/22/21 10:42 AM #3020    


Lauren Dieterich

The difference between Jennings hosting now; and, when he did the guest hosting , several months ago, is night and day. But, we have to take a wait and see; as, there are 5 or 6 other potential hosts waiting in the wings. I'm especially interested in seeing how Lavar Burton does.                                                                               I'm over the COVID, feeling pretty good, now. Interesting side effect of the infection, my COPD did not brother me. Now that I'm over the COVID, the COPD is back.

01/22/21 11:46 AM #3021    


Garry Sellers

I like Ken Jennings a lot too.  He's confident, congenial, clearly intelligent and appears comfortable. He might even feel a bit less snobish than Alex sometimes did. Except ... Jennings' voice isn't as soothing as Alex's was.  Brad Rutter, now on "The Chase" (which I think is stupid) is another Jeopardy legend and has many of the characteristics of Jennings and perhaps a better voice.  I think James Holzhauer may be the neatest character among the Jeopardy legends but I'm not sure how his bizarre sense of humor (which I envy) would wear on you over time.  Guest host Aaron Rodgers???  I don't think that will play out well even in Wisconsin!

I get my Covid shot in a couple of weeks!  I wish they'd stop showing so many people getting shots on TV.  I usually have no problems with needles (5 or 6 at one time in the Army before shipping out overseas) but it's giving me the Willies!!!  Can't they show anything else when talking about Covid?


01/22/21 05:12 PM #3022    


Jim Cejka

Garry, I don't think anyone expects Aaron Rogers to be a classic Alex guest host, but should be a fun, light-hearted, and entertaining spot. He's certainly in no place to try out for permanent host though, he's got this year's Super Bowl to win first, and then 4 or 5 more before his time runs out in Green Bay. 

Speaking of Aarons - R.I.P Hank Aaron. I happeded to be at the game when he hit his last home run in Milwaukee. Many good memories from Hank.

I got my Covid first shot Tuesday. Other than excruciating pain and inability to use my arm since, it wasn't too bad (just kidding). 

Too bad those Army guys gave shots that hurt. I spent 2 years at Navy boot camp being that guy who gave the incoming recruits all those shots, and none of them ever complained. 

01/23/21 05:10 AM #3023    


William Nelson


I had a complaint about the military shots and also one of the best experiences with shots in another setting. The first was in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, as you mentioned. As with all things military, we were herded into a snaking line and the medics came through with the guns, rather than the needles. The first couple were fine, but the next medic had one of those pneumatic injectors in each hand and attempted to give me two shots at once. Both misfired and tore my arm between the sites. I'm a pretty free bleeder and it didn't take but a few seconds to make a mess of my blood on the floor. Two or three guys in the next lines fainted. I didn't. The medic got a loud reprimand and I don't know what else.

The second episode was in Fort Bragg. It was a much smaller deal with maybe 10 guys getting shots. The medic there was an entertainer with a big handlebar mustache. He was cracking jokes and singing nearly continuously. We were called into a small room and he read the highlights of our paperwork to make sure it was up to date. He sent me on my way without giving me the shot! I asked him what was going on and he claimed he'd given me the shot. He told me to stand aside and watch the next guy. As the guy approached the door, the medic got him laughing, put his arm around him and gave him the shot all at once. The guy didn't believe it either, except I told him what happened once we were outside. (He didn't want us to give his secret away to the last guys in line.) He'd have been a great pick-pocket. Best shot I ever received.


01/23/21 12:16 PM #3024    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

I see we have a LOT of Jeopardy fans here on the Forum. I agree that Ken Jennings is doing a surprisingly good job. He doesn't have the "broadcaster voice", but his inflection and pacing are improving every day. He's learning to slow down for emphasis. He went way too fast at first, but he was probably nervous. The most important thing is that he comes across as a nice guy with some witty comebacks, following in dear Alex's footsteps. Still working on getting a vaccination. The first day LA posted a website and phone number for appointments, they were swamped and the website didn't respond. Trying again today. Hoping to get mine at Dodger Stadium. That would be kind of cool!


01/24/21 01:20 PM #3025    


Garry Sellers

Has anybody noticed that the Mega Millions winner of $1 billion is from Michigan and we haven't heard a word from Karsten Boerger, Bryan Gutnecht or Ken Pallaske?  Yes, Nancy sneaked in a harmless input about Jeopardy but that may be a clever way of trying to throw us off track. I have suspicions that they pooled their last $10 in desperate hope of winning ... and they did!  Now they're trying to avoid their old Custer friends.  Hey, how about helping with the cost of this website?  It's only $125,000 per year for a total of $1 million since it started 8 years ago!  That's chump change for you guys now.

What would you do with $1 billion? 

01/24/21 02:47 PM #3026    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Oh rats! Didn't think we'd get caught. But when we sailed off in our new Island Packet  ( which I fell in love with at the Annapolis Boat Show), you might have suspected. Trying to keep our good news from the IRS.

As a cover, we're sitting here in the cold and dark ( see about 7 minutes of sun every three days) watching Valdez-Scandling cross into the end zone  to make Brady know he has to up his game.

Go Pack!






01/25/21 01:47 PM #3027    


Jim Cejka

Oh well, I guess Aaron Rogers will turn up on Jeopardy sooner than we wanted. 

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