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03/10/20 01:03 PM #2785    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

So, Melody, your kids are still in school. Great, the little stinkers can all pass around the virus and bring it home to their grandparents. Brilliant. 

Up here in Michigan we reportedly don't have any cases. Don't know if that means we don't have any, or we have no kits to test for them, or they all froze to death. Karsten and I have been home for eight days from a two week cruise and are still upright and mobile. Yay!  Now in the middle of cancelling next week's trip to Boulder. Think we'll stay home and binge-watch old West Wing episodes for a while.





03/10/20 03:31 PM #2786    


Jim Cejka

Melody - 7 must be the critical level. Here in SC we have only 6, so I'll still sleep well tonight.

03/12/20 12:35 AM #2787    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Nancy- only one kid at home still in school, an 18 year old grandson.  Also have a 19 year old granddughter who works in retail handling the worse filthy thing in public...MONEY!

Jim- NC now has 8 cases here and one case of a NC resident who is outside of NC but just also tested positive; will be quarentined in place.

The state universites are closed for the remainder of the semester.  Students have to leave their dormitories and finish their classes online.  They have one week to vacate in Durham and Raleigh.  We have no cases in the Charlotte area, yet. But I am sure it is just a matter of time. I am high risk not only for my age but for my respiratory and immunity problems.

03/12/20 01:01 PM #2788    


Garry Sellers

Hey Mel - I understand why you're not going to give up church but please avoid the handshakes, hugs and kisses among "old" friends.  And make sure that hand sanitizer is in your purse. You're in that "high risk" group with your lung problems.  We don't want to lose you over this stinkin' gift from China.  And while you're there, how about saying a little prayer for the GS's ... Gordy and Garry.  He's a sinner and needs lots of help.  I'm sweet and innocent but just like insurance policies!  I'm thinking Jim may need a little support as well unless he's mended his ways ... which is doubtful.

03/12/20 05:41 PM #2789    


Melody Jones (Parker)

There is irony in what happened to us today.  All our schools, restaurants, public offices, etc are all closed today and maybe tomorrow.  No, not because of the coronavirus.

Because there is e coli in our drinking water!angry

The virus update today is 14 cases in NC and 10 cases in SC.  Charlotte now has 2.

Garry, I will pray for you.  We are NOT shaking hands; we are doing fist bumps.  And since I was a nurse, I have always washed my hands! (Yes, hand sanitizer is in my purse, too)smiley


03/12/20 07:12 PM #2790    


Jim Cejka

Has March Madness just been superceded by a touch of sanity, or has it been replaced by a different form. 

03/13/20 10:29 AM #2791    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

We are having a nice, cleansing rain here LA that is supposed to last all week. I had a hard time getting used to the way it rains in CA. Not just a storm that just does it thing, moves on and the sun eventually comes out. Here, the front moves in and settles over your town and you don't see the sun for days and days. The up side is that (at least before climate change) you can count on sunny days from May to October. Too bad the rain doesn't cleanse corona and all the other viruses out of the air. My husband Jon could use your thoughts and prayers, as he fell victim to one othe other viruses called metapneumo. We actually both got it, but with his COPD he is now in the hospital on a ventilator and facing a long rehab. Stay well, everybody!

03/14/20 01:55 PM #2792    


Garry Sellers

So what's everybody doing in face of all the cancellations, restrictions and cautions?  I think there will be a population surge around Christmas time and a run on hand sanitizers and Viagra at the drug stores.  But seriously, what are you doing during this isolation they suggest and how is the rest of your family doing?  I can't imagine how many people's jobs are affected ... some for a long, long time.

Teri - Sorry to hear about Jon.  He's had dfficulties for a long time.  Hope all goes well for both of you. I'm sure you've got Melody and many others sending up prayers for you.

03/14/20 04:06 PM #2793    


Jim Cejka

Well Garry, you and your Custermates there can always play more Sheepshead - as long as you now use a really big table so that you maintain proper social distances, and sanitize the cards after each hand. If I remember correctly, you use fewer cards in Sheepshead (Don't play with a full deck?), so that there's less contact with potential infectious surfaces, so it should be safer. 

03/15/20 11:19 AM #2794    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

In answer to your question, Garry, please Google the article below by the former director of CDC. Then compare the responses and results of Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with that of Italy and tell me which one of those you would recommend.

Former CDC director: Covid-19 is different from flu and we must respond differently

03/15/20 03:46 PM #2795    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

We're all old enough to remember the polio epidemic and summertime quarantines of the early 1950s. 

03/16/20 11:06 AM #2796    


Sandy Wachs (Oldham)

This forum could be a great place to share ideas on what you can do to stay busy and sane during this difficult time.  Talked to a friend from Oregon last night.  She said she always forgets to get her Christmas cards out for the season, and yet she still buys cards on sale for the next season.  She decided she is going to write her cards out now for Christmas 2020.  Not a bad idea. HA 

Stay safe and busy

03/16/20 06:52 PM #2797    


Wayne Reineck

Things are getting pretty bad in Milwaukee. There wasn't a single person at Bradford Beach. Even the lifeguards were gone.

03/17/20 07:54 PM #2798    


Jim Cejka

So, taking a tip from Sandy for some coping mechanisms for this unanticipated time of conceding that were part of the group they're talking about - 


Here are some links to a bunch of interesting and fun crossword puzzles (well, maybe not for the jocks) that can occupy some time. They go good with popcorn too.


03/18/20 06:42 AM #2799    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Terri, I have had John in my thoughts and prayers since I read your post.  I tried to PM you but there was a glitch in the program.  Garry, what's up with that?  They closed my library today and I was just planning on making my weekly visit to check out 3 books, including a new novel by Joel Rosenberg.  Jim, I work crossword puzzles, thanks for the new websites.  I will check them out.  Here is a thought.  My 89 year old BFF in California is doing her deep spring cleaning and sorting through her warobe.

Y'all stay safe now, hear!

03/18/20 01:56 PM #2800    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

Actually, my life has not been greatly impacted by the restrictions. What has become the "new normal" for most people has pretty much been my life for the past 4+ years. I've generally spent most days at home, alone, reading a lot, watching TV, doing projects on the computer. So, I don't really have many adjustments to make. The only thing I truly will miss during this time is the occasional lunch or dinner out with a friend. But, it's a small sacrifice in exchange for hopefully keeping myself and friends healthy. And as a bonus, perhaps I'll lose a few pounds.

03/18/20 05:34 PM #2801    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Garry, We are also enjoying scenic spots - looking out of our windows to watch the lake ice melt, hoping all the ice fisherman have gotten their gear off safely. Also, walking around the neighborhood - very peaceful as lots of our neighbors have gone to Florida. Karsten scours You Tube for sailing videos and I am making good on New Year's resolutions with two Great Courses programs. One to improve my Spanish, the other to finally (after years of sporadic "dabbling") to learn the Yang 24 Style ofTai Chi. We're pretty much caught up on books in the "to do" pile, but one can always go through the bookshelves and find something one has read long ago. If a book was a great read the first time, one should read it every 20 or 30 years. Who knows, maybe if we get desperate, we'll play a little gin - something we usually do on vacations, although not much of a challenge for Karsten, as he's much better than I am. Schneeglucken are already blooming and snow drifts are shrinking, so soon we can get out and start cleaning up the gardens. No need to be bored! 

03/18/20 06:17 PM #2802    


Jim Cejka

Another link to see how others are passing these times:

03/21/20 06:01 PM #2803    


Jim Cejka

03/22/20 12:18 PM #2804    


Melody Jones (Parker)

A father spoke to each of his 3 sons before he sent them to college.  "I feel it's my duty to provide you with the best possible education available, and you will not owe me anything for that.  However, I do want you to appreciate it. As a gesture of appreciation, each of you will please put $1,000 into my coffin when I pass.” And so it happened. His sons became a doctor, a lawyer and a financial planner, each of them was very successful financially .

When their father passed away and they saw him in the coffin, they all remembered his wish. First, the doctor stacked 10 crisp $100 bills onto the chest of his deceased father . Next, the financial planner placed $1,000 there in 20 crisp $50 bills. Finally, it was the heartbroken lawyer's turn. He slowly reached into his pocket, removed his checkbook, wrote a check for $3,000, put it into his father's coffin, and took the $2,000 in cash.



That lawyer is now in Congress.



03/25/20 12:26 PM #2805    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Hah hah ha ha ha ha! 😂🤣 If you haven't seen the Home Page, go there now! And after a few hours, go back again for more laughs.

03/25/20 12:28 PM #2806    


Jim Cejka

"(Woo, woo, wooo) (Woo, woo, wooo)
ooWell you we got the feelin', makes you come alive.
(Woo, woo, wooo) (Woo, woo, wooo)
We're gonna boogie woogie, we're gonna rock and roll, we're gonna jive.
(Woo, woo, wooo) (Woo, woo, wooo)
We're gonna make you loose, go where you have to go
(Woo, woo, wooo) (Woo, woo, wooo)
Gonna fill your head with music, satisfy your soul."
Oh, what a feelin'

03/26/20 10:58 AM #2807    


Marian Schopp (Bringe)

I'm happy I checked in. It's been a very long time. I didn't know how many funny, clever, hilarious classmates I have. Home page is great. 😁

03/26/20 02:04 PM #2808    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Nkce to see you again, Marian! As we hunker down, I wanted to suggest a good (FREE) app for languages. It's called Duolingo. I installed it on my iPad and I've been learning Spanish on it for over a year now - a good language to know here in LA. I still can only understand about one word of each sentence the actors are saying on the Spanish soap operas (we have several on TV here). They should learn to speak very, very slowly, like they do on the Englsh soaps. But i can read the signs now! Like the one that says "Compro casas." (I buy houses.) Somehow I think if I were going to sell my house, I wouldn't call that number. 

03/27/20 07:43 PM #2809    


Jim Cejka

And, the latest scientific headline, not involving a virus - 

"Uranus, No Joke, Is Leaking Gas"

as published in several recent articles. Apparently, they have re-snalyzed from the Voyager 2 flyby back in the 80s and have found that the planet has been leaking some of its gaseous atmosphere. (And some editor just couldn't resist that headline.)

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