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04/23/19 04:27 PM #2631    


Karsten Boerger

We're so sorry to hear this sad news. How wrong it seems for a child to precede us in death. Time and the support of friends and family can help dull the pain, but nothing can ever heal this wound.

04/23/19 05:52 PM #2632    


Jim Cejka


Words are never adequate to express our feelings of grief for you - 

"We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love."

~Madam de Stael

04/23/19 06:43 PM #2633    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

Lauren ~~ Please accept my sincerest sympathy at this most difficult time. Hold on to each other, bring forth all the good memories, but allow yourselves the necessary time to grieve and cry.


There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.         ~Washington Irving~

04/23/19 10:21 PM #2634    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Lauren, I can't even wrap my mind around how devastated you must be feeling right now. Feel some hugs coming your way from California. If you feel like it, tell us about your son. 

04/24/19 11:57 AM #2635    


William Nelson

Our hearts go out to you and your family, Lauren. We hope the search will continue and your son's body will be found to help bring closure to this tragic event.

Bill & Mary

04/24/19 12:09 PM #2636    


Barbara Blair (Brenzel)

So, So sorry for your loss.  There are just no words to convey that.  My prayers are with you & your family.

Barb Brenzel (Blair)

04/24/19 12:11 PM #2637    


William Nelson

We received a call from our long time friends, Dan & Janet Juds Farchione, a few days ago. She said they were calling to wish me a happy birthday, but then told us that her twin sister Joanne Hellwig had died on April 1st.

Dan & Janet had flown back to Wisconsin from their winter home in Yuma, AZ for the funeral. Joanne had a debilitating stroke several years ago and her husband, Herb, took care of her 24/7 until recently, when she required more nursing care than he could provide. 

Joanne & Herb and Dan & Janet all graduated from Custer in the June, 1961 class, so I'm pretty sure some of the Class of '62 will know at least one of them. 

Here's a link to the obituary:

04/25/19 11:18 AM #2638    


Lauren Dieterich

Terri, My son was single, indepentent, very stubborn and extremely curious. Pretty much like me. His curiosity was probably why he was on the floating pier. He was a millright; and, worked all over the US. He was working at the Bath shipworks at the time. Since I moved to Arizona, we had kind of lost touch with each other. It didn't really bother me, because that was his personality.

Bill, when we get to our age, death happens. It still hurts; but, it's not the gut punch, when you get an early morning phone call that your son has died.

Thanks to everyone for the condolences and prayers, very much appreciated.


04/29/19 09:14 PM #2639    


Jim Cejka

Anyone else finding Jeopardy kind of blah lately? It's kind of like watching the Packers play Custer. I mean, even watching a Dodgers game is better now. 


04/30/19 01:30 PM #2640    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

It WAS - until last night! The game was not a runaway for James. He is reportedly a nice guy, and gives his opponents lessons on the buzzer in the green room waiting for the show to start. I had the feeling last night that perhaps he and the show's producers had conspired to give some "advantage" to the opponents' buzzers!

05/01/19 06:59 PM #2641    


Jim Cejka

Terri - As long as he's on, I think they should do away with the buzzers altogether. (Maybe they could say it was a budget move.) They should just pop up a question and ask the other two people if they knew the answer. If they don't then give him a shot. he'd probably still win.

05/01/19 07:37 PM #2642    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Ha! I still find it amusing to call a buzzer a "signaling device". 

05/02/19 02:26 PM #2643    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Yes - besides the "signaling device" issue, the guy is a walking encyclopedia!

05/02/19 08:35 PM #2644    


Jim Cejka

Nancy, you have a point. I don't know if those things they use actually do buzz. How about "digitally manipulated priority sequence module?"

05/03/19 02:23 PM #2645    


Lauren Dieterich

In the early days of game/quiz shows, the buttons did operate buzzers.

Just got back from Milwaukee. We had a Celebration of Life for my son. ( his body has not been found; and, probably never will ) A lot of unanswered questions. There were a lot of neices and nephews that I haven't seen since they were kids, kids that he went to school with and co-workers/friends, including bosses. There was a large turnout. It was held at the Best Place Milwaukee, the old Pabst Brewery.

The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel would not publish an obiturary because there is no death certificate. We could not have a funeral, because of no body. But, the State of Wisconsin will issue a death certificate after a year.

05/03/19 02:46 PM #2646    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

What? "digitally operated....."





05/03/19 08:04 PM #2647    


Jim Cejka

Nerd? Geek? Can't we just say that I have enjoyed the fruits of the labors of Ms. Kapp, Mr. Pautsch, Mr. Marino, et al.?

05/04/19 08:46 AM #2648    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Especially Mr. Marino. To this day, when "stuff" happens and things look bleak, I comfort myself with:

"Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit"

05/04/19 10:32 AM #2649    


Jim Cejka

Nancy - think it's too late to make that our class motto?

05/07/19 01:18 PM #2650    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

It's got my vote.🙂

05/07/19 09:45 PM #2651    


Jim Cejka

We have 'Jeopardy' again - they even had a bassoon question!

05/16/19 09:04 PM #2652    


Jim Cejka

It's true, even in California - 

This is CALIFORNIA, the big, long valley in the middle, we just finished a 5-year drought, It's May - won't rain until at least November.

So, I washed both my cars two days ago, and it's been raining since then. 

05/17/19 11:01 AM #2653    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)


Love that car-in-the rain graphic, Jim. It is true that in CA usually from May on we don't have to worry about rain. We ordered a portable treadmill for home exercise, and, although the manual says it should not be used outdoors, we thought we'd just put it under the patio cover outside on a mat with a cover to protect from the dew, and we'd be fine from now on until the rainy season. So TWICE now, in a box waiting for the "expert assemblers" to put it together, it has rained! I have been running out to tarp it, and remove the tarp so it could dry out. (The patio cover doesn't work well when it's windy!) It would have made one of those good "Three Stooges" era comedy movies. Oh, and we have rain in the forecast next week too. I love the rain, but. . .  On another note, it looks like the Jeopardy Teacher's Tournament will be a runaway. 


05/17/19 12:06 PM #2654    


Lauren Dieterich

An update on my son's drowning. His body was found this morning. Today is his birthday. Must be some kind of mystical meaning. It's a relief; but, still does not relieve the pain. He was found 6 miles upstream; so, the tide was coming in, not going out like we were worryed about. If the tide had been going out, his body probably would have never been found.

05/23/19 10:45 PM #2655    


Jim Cejka

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