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06/03/19 02:10 PM #2658    


Lauren Dieterich

Thanks, Barb.  It was Ch 58. My ex posted it on Facebook; so, I was able to save it. It was my second daughter that they interviewed. I'm surprised that Ch 58 devoted that much time to something that wasn't really that noteworthy to the average TV viewer. My daughters are in Maine to see the couple who found him and to bring him home. The couple own a greenhouse and have planted a flowering crabapple tree in his honor.

06/03/19 04:15 PM #2659    


Barbara Blair (Brenzel)


It was a really lengthy piece when usually the news stories are so short.  Spoke very highly of your son.  Glad I saw it & glad that you saw it too!



06/05/19 03:15 PM #2660    


Lauren Dieterich


An interim death certificate was issued so that he could be cremated and brought home. A final death certificate will take several more weeks. I'd like to know why that will take so long.  I will have to hear what my daughters have to say about that. But, at least he will be home.

06/07/19 11:03 PM #2661    


Garry Sellers

Here's some quotes that have been attributed to  "the other GS":

"My ability to remember song lyrics from the '60's far exceeds my ability to remember why I walked into the kitchen!"

"Sometimes I surprise myself with the smart things I say or do.  Other times, I try to get out of the car with my seatbelt on!"

"I do all of my own stunts ....but never intentionally."

"The main function of the little toe is to make sure all the furniture in the house is in its proper place."

And my favorite GS Jr quote:  "Perks of being my friend.  You'll be the normal one."


06/08/19 10:25 AM #2662    


Lauren Dieterich


    I'm sure that I can come up with even more; if I could only remember them.

06/09/19 04:13 PM #2663    


Jim Cejka

Some observations made on moving to South Carolina:

-Driving across the country when I’m 75 was much different than when I was 25, especially the distance between potty stops.

-Green, like in trees and grass, still exist during the summer.

-Freeways are not a requirement for daily living. 

-SC has humidity, I’d forgotten what that was.

-Hot is hot, CA or SC, humidity or not.

-And, when you fill out things on the internet, when they ask for an address, and you get to ‘state,’ you can’t just put in the postal abbreviation. You have to click on that little drop down list of all the states. In CA, it came up on the first page. In SC, I have to scroll almost all the way to the bottom (at least still not as far as WI.)

06/15/19 07:22 AM #2664    


Jim Cejka

Until I retired, I couldn’t wait to go back and live in California. So, when my son (Coast Guard) was stationed there, I figured it was a good chance to do so. But, believe it or not, CA had changed in the 30 or so years since I’d been there. There were more people, it never used to get over 100 degrees (except Death Valley), and you could actually drive from A to B on a freeway in a reasonable amount of time. So, the son thing again, he’s been transferred to the east coast. Why not follow him (now with a family, grandkids, and all) this time. Or, maybe it was my Bohemian ancestry. They were the original gypsies, so I guess I move a lot. 

It was a tough decision. I mean, the reservoirs are full again, we had an extra two weeks of green this year before everything turned brown, and the city where we lived is repairing its sidewalks, and the latest shooting in the neighborhood was over 2 months ago.

Besides, I’m not the only CCC migrant. Remember, Melody moved last year too.

Gas here is $2.19 a gallon, it rains about once a week, and I have yet to get stuck in a freeway clog. 

So, Garry, you can still play golf in an oven, soar with the 49ers and Jimmy G, curry hopes that the basketball year was only a minor speed bump, and watch your tech companies come up with things I’ll never understand or use. I’m going to go sit under trees, in the shade, sip iced tea, and discipline myself to avoid the use of y’all, in conversations with the locals, just to maintain my WI roots. 


06/15/19 09:31 AM #2665    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Welcome Jim to the Carolinas!  We are glad to have you here!

When I lived in Florida for 6 years in the 1980's, the phrase y'all crept into my communication, so it is not a new habit that I picked up in Carolina.  It feels natural to me.laugh

Something that might be new to you is the threat of hurricanes; last summer was a particularly hard one with three hurricanes hitting our state. But, as I have been through tornadoes and earthquakes, I'll take our hurricanes any day.

Garry, you don't know what you are missing!

06/15/19 06:48 PM #2666    


Jim Cejka

Why thank you Melody. We are certainly enjoying it. 

As for those hurricanes, we’re 150 miles from the ocean, at 500 ft elevation, and in a sturdy brick house, so I can be not so much worried. If anything, we’ll probably be a sanctuary for that son and his family, who the Coast Guard put in Miami instead of South Carolina. 

Garry, as he admitted, sounds like the one with too much sun. 104 degrees? Playing golf? You’d think that the ball would get all soft and mushy in that heat, so when you hit it it would just go splat against the club. Or, melt a bit out of round, and roll like a football. I thought Ms Custer made us smart kids.

06/16/19 08:23 PM #2667    


Jim Cejka

Now, having become a father, and grandfather myself, all I can say is, "Thank you Dad, for the example you set."

06/20/19 02:00 PM #2668    


Jim Cejka


I shall refrain from any more referrences to your golfing "accessories", but I would add something to your list of California-isms. 

In the rest of the world, people refer to interstate highways as "I-5," or "Interstate 10." 

In CA, it's "The 5", or "The 280."

06/21/19 11:31 AM #2669    


Garry Sellers

Okay Jimmy Joe, here's your next installment:

You can retire to The  South where...

1.  You can rent a movie and buy bait in the same store.

2.  "Y'all" is singular and "all y'all" is plural.

3.  "He needed killin " is a valid defense.

4.  Everyone has two first names: Billy Bob, Jimmy Bob, Joe Bob, Betty Jean, Mary Beth, etc.

5.  Everything is either: "in yonder”, “over yonder”, or "out yonder.

6. You can say anything about anyone, as long as you say "Bless his heart” at the end!

06/21/19 09:06 PM #2670    


Jim Cejka

Yup Garry, y'all got that right.

06/22/19 02:29 PM #2671    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Just to clear something up: only since I've come to LA do I hear "THE Five" or "THE Ten" referring to freeways. We didn't say that in the Bay Area. Also, "y'all" is a very convenient expression, since in standard English "you" can denote singular and plural. When addressing a group of people, you say, "Why don't you come over later?" It leaves everyone to wonder, "Did they mean ME?" Our more confident ones will assume that's the case and come over, but the shyer ones among us will assume "you" meant someone else, and not come. I am learning Spanish on the Dulolingo app, since it is such a popular language here in SoCal. It helps my learning  because   I can read the many signs, pamphlets and posters everywhere printed in both languages. Hopefully someday I will be able to speak more effectively with gardeners and contractors, many of whom are at their same point in English as I am in Spanish. ANYWAY, they have a wonderful word "ustedes" that translates as - you guessed it if you didn't already know  - "y'all"!

06/22/19 03:19 PM #2672    


Jim Cejka

So there Garry, the TEACHER has spoken . . . y'all.

07/01/19 12:00 AM #2673    


Lauren Dieterich

This is a fairly new Facebook page that I joined about 8 months ago that I think that all of us will find very interesting and informative " Historic North Milwaukee " 

07/05/19 09:44 PM #2674    


Jim Cejka

So, we're finally getting settled into our new house, sort of. Actually, 2 lawn chairs, a bed, and a tv. It's the 4th of July, the temp is South Carolina hot and humid, there are fireworks booming all over the place . . . and the TV is showing 2 weeks of Christmas movies. Wonderful.

I expected some kind of cultural changes moving all the way accross the country, but somehow our arrival here has triggered some kind of time-warp or something. The good news is that the cables out here show Hogan's Heros, same time even as California, so there is still some connection with sanity to help me through these apparent abberations in the in the space - time continum between July and December, and West coast vs East coast. 

07/06/19 12:42 AM #2675    


Garry Sellers

You miss Rock N Roll Jim-Bob?  We just rocked half the state with a 7.1 shaker!  See what fun you're missing?  Mantica might well be beachfront property before the week is out!  Like the famous Za Za Gabor quote, "Getting old (and living in California) ain't for chickens!"  Hey, did you have anything to do with this?  We'll have to discuss it at our California Custer Contingency Sheepshead game next Friday night. It's at the Walter's house!  All y'all are invited!  It's not quite the same since Ken passed but we still say unkind things about him and his gazillion dollar sound system which we took no end of delight in finding a hissing or crackling sound.  We are not satisfied until we have Bonnie rolling on the floor laughing.  Now that I think about it we're all pretty much sophomoric 75 year olds!

"Duck and Cover!"

Earthquake News GIF - Earthquake News GIFs

07/06/19 05:06 PM #2676    


Jim Cejka

I have been through several of "the big ones" out there, and will admit to a bit of "wow, this is a quake, really cool," moments before the onset of terror. I actually believe that making Nevada the next west coast is part of Mother Nature's plan to secede California from the rest of the country. 

07/06/19 05:47 PM #2677    


Lauren Dieterich

It's not just California and Nevada that gets to rock and roll. Bullhead City is only 180 miles from the epicenter. We were across the river in Laughlin, NV at a Desperado concert when last nights aftershock hit.. For a few seconds, we thought that it was a part of the concert. But, only for a few seconds. You could actually see waves rolling across the floor. You wouldn't think that wood could do that. I don't know how it felt to others; but, I felt just a touch of dizziness. Who needs Disneyland when you're near a fault line.

07/06/19 06:36 PM #2678    


Jim Cejka

California's state song = 

Rock 'n roll is here to stay,
It will never die
It was meant to be that way,
Though I don't know why
I don't care what people say,
Rock 'n roll is here to stay
(We don't care what people say, 
Rock 'n roll is here to stay)
Rock 'n roll will always be
Our ticket to the end
It'll go down in history,
Just you watch, my friend
Rock 'n roll will always be,
It'll go down in history

07/07/19 08:46 AM #2679    


Mitchell Heinrichs

My wife and I were dancing to a song last week and the words were my heart skips a beat when Im with you at which point she said hay thats called arrythmia and that can kill you so much for the dance

07/07/19 06:15 PM #2680    


Jim Cejka

Arrythmias can be trouble, but not always. What most people think of as a skipped beat is actually the result of an extra beat, not a missed one. The extra beat, called a PVC (Premature Ventricular Contraction), pops in between regular beats but when it does, it's followed by a "compensatory pause", i.e., a little longer period before the next regular beat. That's what people feel, the pause. PVCs are very common, and can be caused by too much caffeine, stress (like for cramming for those final exams), falling in love, ala the song, or a lot of things. By thenselves, they're not a bad thing. 

Or Mitch, you could try another tactic. Highly conditioned athletes, marathoners, b-ball players, or any sport that requires endurance, have a heart beat that anybody looking at would say call 911. Their complexes are quite bizzare and the rate is very slow. I did EKGs and stress tests on the Milwaukee Bucks, including Abdul Jabbar. Even on a stress test, we managed to get his heart rate up from 41 only to 43. When they stop their athletics, their heart beats go back to "normal." You could always try to convince your wife that you are still in your highly athletiic condition. 

07/08/19 07:32 AM #2681    


Mitchell Heinrichs

forget it I just won't ask her to dance any more 

07/14/19 03:11 PM #2682    


Jim Cejka

Shopping guide for old guys with pale, spindly legs: fill in name here ______________________________

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