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08/13/18 08:01 AM #2521    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Jim, I guess I left right on time.  With my breathing problems, I would not be doing very good in that environment.  And if you do have the "big one", I'd be glad to miss it, too.  I just found out North Carolina has 250 waterfalls within our borders - I love waterfalls!  I'm planning some day trips to see a few.

Stay Cool!

08/13/18 09:08 PM #2522    


Jim Cejka

Melody - Staying cool is only a dream, unless I put on some sunglasses and pretend to be Joe Cool Snoopy. 

My cousin recently moved from Southern California to South Carolina (to open a B&B if you get down that way). She texted me yesterday that, believe it or not, they have rivers there that actually have water in them, and that sometimes water even falls from the sky. She sent a picture of green things. You guys are now into quite a different mindset from CA. Enjoy. 

08/21/18 12:00 PM #2523    


Kenneth Pallaske

I am saddened to hear of the passing  of Meribeth. My condolences to the Hodges and Engelfried families.

We are "chillin'" here in Michigan, although it is very humid.

08/23/18 11:42 AM #2524    


Jim Cejka

Remember when we had channels 4, 6, and 12, and there was always something on at least one of them that we wanted to watch?  (I actually remember when channel 3 switched to become channel 4.)

Now, with a zillion channels, there’s little to watch, but I find that, at least, there’s almost always some kind of golf tournament going on somewhere. Not that I’m a big golf fan, (sorry Garry) but it’s one of the few things on any channel that’s not inane, and where people actually talk respectfully and quietly with each other.

08/24/18 11:29 PM #2525    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Jim-we get water from the sky here almost everyday, in the evening, for about 45 minutes.  Last night there was rolling thunder and flashes of lightening with our rain; for 45 minutes.  The grass is so green here and so high in the backyard that my grandson has to mow it again tomorrow.  Speaking of rain, Hawaii sure dodged a bullet today.  From a catagory 5 hurricane, to a cat 3 tropical storm. Our TV gets a sports channel that is showing the Green Bay Packer game against Raiders in California.  Of course they are my number one team!  But, I have a number two team; the Carolina Panthers.  I just watched them beat the New England Patriots, yeah!!  They were looking really good out there on the field.  But, I am glad they don't play each other this year.  Cam is a good QB; but no one holds a candle to Aaron Rogers!  I'm fixin' to go to bed, so y'all have a good night!laugh

08/25/18 04:51 PM #2526    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

 Melody, I envy your beautiful daily rain. Love that after-the-rain smell. However, my heart goes out to our Milwaukee and vicinity classmates who have been deluged. It's "feast or familne" as my mom often said. I repeat my wish that some bright engineers could devise a way to divert the overflow into a water pipeline that flows to California. Nobody would even need to worry about spills! I have lost my ability to say I'm "fixin'" to do something, almost 30 years away from GA. But I still find myself throwin' out a y'all now and then. When we get "hurricanes" in L.A., it has always been just a huge inflow of humidity coming up from Baja.


08/25/18 09:00 PM #2527    


Garry Sellers

Hey Jim, we've had an alien abduction!!!  Somebody stole Mt Diablo in the East Bay!  And for good measure I notice the coastal range between here and Santa Cruz has disappeared as well!  I can't find either of them!  They replaced them with a smokey haze! I went outside last night and looked up at the moon.  I think it was mostly full but it had an unusual brownish-orange color. Aliens.  Heading up to Lake Tahoe next week but I hear you can't see across the lake.  It's all aliens, I tell you!     That's some expensive real estate they've absconded with!    


Mel, speaking of Aaron Rogers, cleaning out my sister's apartment after she passed away, I found one entire dresser drawer full of Brett Favre memorabilia!    To her dying day she thought Brett was Packer green to the core regardless of where he played his last couple years. 


08/25/18 09:58 PM #2528    


Jim Cejka

Mel - I get thunderstorms here - on the radio. I've got one of those that plays different nature sounds. 

Garry - Drove into Alameda today. Going througn Altamonte Pass, there was some of that hay/smoke/smog stuff hugging the ground. You could see the top of the wind tufbines going around, but not the towers that hold them. Giant alien propellers. 

08/26/18 01:16 PM #2529    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Terri-When I lived in Clearwater Florida and in Koneohe Hawaii, we had daily rainfall, too.  It rained about the time of day that the employees at the nursing home on the first shift were preparing to go home and second shift was coming in; around 3 P.M.  Really strange the way that happened.

Best thing I remember as a kid in Milwaukee was after a summer shower, going out in the backyard barefooted and squishing my toes in the grass!

Garry- I agree with your sister, I think Brett Farve was the greatest QB for all time and yes, he was also a "Packer" to me, too!

Jim, You might get the thunder on your radio, but lightning is another entirely different experience.

Have a Blessed week, all y'all!

08/27/18 08:07 AM #2530    


Mitchell Heinrichs

In door County I have cut the grass once this year so far, the farmers are worried about crops and is a fire band on . Today we received rain and are expecting some for the next 3 days wish I could send you some seeing all the fires is just terable . Hang in Mitch

08/28/18 07:02 PM #2531    


Kenneth Pallaske

Mitch - We were having a very dry summer here in the Michigan thumb. That is, until about two weeks ago. There is a flood watch out for most of mid-Michigan tonight. We are expecting up to 3" of rain tonight. Still, it does not compare to what is happening in Wisconsin.

Jim - Is that PGA golfer named Cejka related to you. Just curious.

08/28/18 08:41 PM #2532    


Jim Cejka

Ken - You mean Alex? I'd like to say yes, he's related, and I taught him all he knows, just to make Garry jealous, but, unfortunately, he's from Czechoslovakia and Germany, and played a lot in Europe before coming to the PGA here.

One thing - the announcers at least pronounce the name correctly.

08/30/18 08:46 AM #2533    


Mitchell Heinrichs

Hi Ken we now have rain also, arrived back home at about midnight from delivering a generator to my Doughter and son in-law who live in atown called Alto yesturday declaired a disaster area due to 150 mile an hour winds. Every power pole in town is laying in the street. One of their autos now has a tree comeing out of the front and side windows. Alto is near Waupun and the closset generator I could find was in Green Bay. They have quite the clean up. We still have only recieved about 2 inches in the last 2 weeks. Good luck to all out there needing more or needing less. Mitch

08/31/18 10:13 PM #2534    


Jim Cejka

Hey band people, check this out -

Just substitute "Custer" for the band name. Was that what our fans really thought?

09/02/18 06:08 PM #2535    


Garry Sellers

Just returned from Lake Tahoe ... temp in the morning 39 degrees!  That's as close to Wisconsin winter as I want to come!  Had an earthquake while up there.  Don't need those when you're hanging on to a mile high pile of rocks.  How different the world we each experience.  Any of you in Wisconsin know where our California water has gone?  We'll trade you some smoke for a few inches of the stuff!  Heard you got a little drizzle in parts ... and are complaining!  Think of the alternatives. The bad news is 100's of miles that have burned.  The good news is, it is a prime pot growing area and the smoke drifting across the state has made many of us feel much better!

09/03/18 03:04 PM #2536    


Julianne (Julie) Eron (Felts)

Yes, we DO have rain.....lots of   flooding too!  Unfortunately folks living South of us are really hurting, lots of damage to homes, businesses, and roads.  This is usually the last hurrah of the Season for the area - most are used to camping and enjoying the last fun  of the season.  It's a shame -  I give a big thank you to  the folks who operate "The Ducks" in Wisconsin Dells....they got their boats together, headed for the nearest gas station in the Dells, filled up their boats and headed to the flooded towns to help.  Also, a lot of the rental canoe operations were hit with came loose and headed downstream - haven't heard what happened to them...a few were sunk - don't know how far the rest floated downstream.  We haven't seen the sun for, tomorrow school starts....bummer for the kids!  We're all resilliant though....somehow everything works out in the end.


09/08/18 08:03 AM #2537    


Melody Jones (Parker)

I visited Raleigh this week.  The capital is not as impressive as Madison; it is also very small in size.


We have bought a generator to prepare for hurricane Florence which is expected to head our way toward the end of next week.  I have had an earlier experience of going through a hurricane in Texas, so I am not a novice.  Would love to be able to send some of that rain to CA!  We will be busy battin' down the hatches here in North Carolina; glad we are so far away from the coast here in Charlotte.

09/11/18 09:12 PM #2538    


Jim Cejka

Melody - Looks like Florence has NC in it's sights. Of course, living out here put you through earthquakes, fires, and droughts, so a little wind and rain should be a breeze. I've got about a dozen sandbags if you need them. Good luck.

09/13/18 08:10 AM #2539    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Thanks Jim, we will need prayers!  Although downgraded to a cat 2, Florence has slowed and may turn left after hitting landfall.  She is still 195 miles wide and we are 129 miles from Wilmington beach.  If she turns left, that puts us on the northern side and that is not where we want to be!  Outer bands are more destructive on the northern side.  We are in an area where loss of power is "likely" and with a slower motion, the time frame is extended.  I may not have power to send any more messages until it is over. One question for everyone to think about.  If you knew your house was about to be flooded, what would you rescue? (Beside your PC)

09/13/18 12:30 PM #2540    


Jim Cejka


I have a cousin who just moved from CA to a same distance place in South Carolina, and they're sweating too. As West siders, it's hard to imagine 20 inches of rain in a year, let alone at one time. My thought would have been - life jacket or generator? Being without power for so long, I'd miss all my Hogan's Heros reruns. 

What to protect? Besides the obvious papers, numbers, etc., there are the memories that can't be replaced, the special pics, baby shoes, this, or that, and, of course, your Custer yearbooks. 

Hang in there. You've got a bunch of classmates pulling for you.

09/17/18 09:13 PM #2541    


Jim Cejka

Melody, the current maps don't look so good for your area. We're praying for ya.

09/18/18 12:06 PM #2542    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Thanks for all the prayers!  We are "all clear" here in the Charlotte area.  Not so good on the coasts.  Death toll is 32 as of noon today.  1,200 roads are still closed and 17-22 Billion dollar damage.  People in Wilmington have food and water supplies handed out by FEMA and thousands of homes have been completely destroyed.  There are still 10,000 refugees in shelters through the SC-NC area.  We did not lose our power, although 800.000 people did lose theirs.

This disaster has united many neighborhoods with people helping people.  Donations are pouring in from all over the country as well as electrical linemen from other states.  Florida send a rescue crew with water boats for our rescue operations, which are ongoing.  Some rivers have not crested yet and floods are projected to continue all week.  Fayetteville is under flood watch due to its two rivers flooding now and tomorrow.  Some of the closed roads are interstate freeways that are causing a probloem for interstate commerce.  I-40 is closed near Wilmington; which is its terminus.

How is your sister doing in SC?

09/18/18 01:55 PM #2543    


Jim Cejka

Glad to hear you're OK and what's around you was spared the worst. Janet in SC only ended up with some rian and not too bad winds - no flooding or trees down, etc. 

There are even swift water rescue teams from around here and Sacremento that went out to NC even before the storms hit. People helping people. 

09/19/18 01:34 PM #2544    


Jim Cejka

09/25/18 09:28 AM #2545    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Jim,  Glad your sister weathered the storm.  We are still in a flood watch in a few counties due to rising rivers, creeks, and one failed dam.  Humidity is 91% today...waiting for less.

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