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This message forum is an ongoing discussion about anything and just about everything ... within reason.  One thing our class was good at was having opinions.  Almost 70 years of life experience certainly qualifies us as experts on most everything!   Ask a question ... give an opinion ... share some insights ... it's our web site, it's our forum.  That said, it's probably not a good idea to get into arguments about politics, religion, and the like.  While we're experts on everything, we also have a wide range of values and beliefs. This site belongs to all of us ... the whole range ... and we are not here to isolate, alienate, or subjugate anybody.  Of course insults, humiliation, sophomoric barraggadocio, and demented humor is expected behavior among some of us less mature people.

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05/29/20 03:39 PM #2854    


Jim Cejka

It’s hard sometimes to understand why people are having such a hard time with this “shelter-in-place’ stuff. I mean, it’s not like isolation or solitary confinement. In our days, isolation was really isolated; when you were sent to your room, you were really confined. About the only thing you could do was do your homework (of course) or talk to yourself.


Now, there’s always something or someone to talk to. Besides our Dick Tracy-like phones where we can see and talk to someone outside, we’ve got all these other things that can amuse and take care of you. 


You can tell your TV what to put on, ask your car for directions, tell your oven to get hot, or ask one of those little box things any question, or tell it to do something you’re too lazy to do. I even saw a commercial where a guy was telling his kitchen faucet how much water he needed for his cup. And we’re supposed to be feeling lonesome, without human contact? Human maybe, but you can walk just about anyplace in your house, talking out loud, and get a polite human voice response and obedience to your commands. Try that with real humans (e.g., your kids, co-workers, etc.).

06/05/20 04:43 PM #2855    


Lauren Dieterich

I still have all 3 yearbooks from Custer. They're almost in like new condition, too. Was there a yearbook from Edison ? If there was, I don't have it. I wonder if any of the teachers from Custer are still alive/ There is a remote possibility that a couple of them might be.

06/06/20 07:59 AM #2856    


Jim Cejka

Something I didn't understand about our last year book - if Custer's colors were red and white, why did our 62 year book have a blue stripe?

06/09/20 05:51 PM #2857    


Garry Sellers

I can't watch the news anymore.  I really don't understand what's happening in the world and this isn't the place to discuss it.  But oddly enough, I got an email from Ron Willman of all people, that put some beauty in a march by young people ... even if they did ignore social distancing.  I needed a good smile ... even a bit of a happy tear in my eye.  See if it works for you.  (As usual click on the square on the bottom right to make it full screen.  And turn up the volume.  Hit "Esc" when it's done.)


06/09/20 09:40 PM #2858    


Jim Cejka

Very nice – and they even brought a bassoon player.

Or Garry, were you so moved by the ad at the bottom hawking “Bulk hand sanitizer in stock.”

06/10/20 09:46 PM #2859    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Please pass the kleenex!

06/11/20 02:08 PM #2860    


Garry Sellers

Mel - Kleenex are even harder to find than toiletpaper (name brand anyway)!  But I'm glad I wasn't the only one who reacted that way to the video.

06/11/20 02:17 PM #2861    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Oh, sob!!!!! πŸ˜­πŸŽΌπŸ—³πŸŽΆ. That was beautiful! Thanks for posting, Ron & Garry.

06/12/20 01:34 PM #2862    


Gordon "Allen" Mitchell

Yes, that was beautiful Garry. Brought back a memory from old days of 9th grade at Edison yet. Attaching the "jacket" photo.  

06/12/20 02:00 PM #2863    


Gordon "Allen" Mitchell

BTW, did provide me an annual for 1962.  Of course it is a copy of a copy with written notes throughout.  Interesting reading.  Anyone remember Errol Sharak?  

Anyway, it's interesting that they have me with 3 different names. 



06/13/20 10:41 AM #2864    


John Ruhland

Gordon, I remember Errol Sharak. We went to the same church -- St Marks United Church of Christ on 74th $ Silver Spring.  Sooooo, 3 different names (aliases ???). Looks like they found you anyway.


06/14/20 10:55 AM #2865    


Gordon "Allen" Mitchell

Thanks for the background info John. Nice to know!

Yes my name in the "Book" came out as Gordon (which only my family knew), Allen, Allan and Alan.  Lol All confusing for sure.  Lol. I've only been know as Gordon since retiring.  Most agencies only allow "first/last" names these days. Computers can be so limiting.  Lol

Anyway, after college I was known as "Al" as bosses like to shorten names to the lowest common denominator. Lol.  

Enough boring info.  Lol. Thanks again John.

Hugs to all. 

06/14/20 02:58 PM #2866    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Well, Allen - I will always remember you as Allen! I loved our recordings from the All-City concerts and still have all three of them. I am going to find them in the garage and play them, now that I have a turntable again: a "new generation" turntable.

06/15/20 10:39 AM #2867    


Gordon "Allen" Mitchell

Thanks Terri.  Yes, interesting I bought a radio / turntable combo. Also can record to cd's ( oh my what are those again?).  So many changes at lightning speed these day!  

I'm striving to make it to the November VOTE!!  Still doing stay at home after one four hour "outting" a week ago Saturday for "Red Shirt Pride Day!" With Disney closed had a walk around our Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. 

Again thank you!  Enjoy the music.  

06/18/20 11:16 AM #2868    


Sandy Wachs (Oldham)

Thank you Garry!  Just caught up reading the home page.  Many laughs at your pictures and comments.  We all need to laugh everyday.  Great job.  heart

06/18/20 05:02 PM #2869    


Jim Cejka

Al, when we lived in Orlando, we pack up the kids and Grandma (at that time) a couple of times a week and walk around Eola. Put on quite a few miles around there.

06/22/20 04:04 PM #2870    


Diane Bauer (Palen)

Gary I read the Home Page, really funny!!

06/27/20 05:13 PM #2871    


Jim Cejka

You don't have to weat a mask if you have a medical condition . . . 

06/28/20 02:50 PM #2872    


Lauren Dieterich

Jim, it depends upon the medical condition. In this case, he can go cowboy style, like I do. The bandanna ties behind your head. Ears are not a requirement. I use the bandanna, because it's the least restrictive. With COPD, even the double layer of the bandanna is noticeable. We were doing pretty good regarding COVID-19, until the casinos reopened across the river. Now, we're the worst city in Arizona. Californians go home.

06/29/20 01:37 PM #2873    


Jim Cejka


I was being a little tongue-in-cheek. The painting is a self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, who famously (infamously?) cut off one of his ears. Seems like he beat the mask crisis to the punch.

06/30/20 11:03 AM #2874    


Lauren Dieterich

I know, Jim.  I should have directed my comment to Van Gogh.

06/30/20 01:06 PM #2875    


Jim Cejka

He might not hear you.

07/03/20 08:52 PM #2876    


Tom Burger

  In regard to the Warrior came about in January or February of 1962, after school in a conversation with the yearbook printer, Sells Printing, Mrs Duecker and myself. In previous years the cover featured an Indian in a full dress war bonnet (with all the feathers). We talked about the fact that the school is named for General Custer...perhaps we should have been named the cavalry troops instead.  All in all we thought it was "time" to retire the Indian  and take a contemporary approach.  We were the generation moving our culture in new directions.  As we later learned, some of those directions were "good" and  some were not!  As you may recall the first page in the yearbook is a painting I did of an Indian.  He is depicted as somewhat sad or reflective. Is he looking ahead to a battle or contemplating "life"? In his right hand is peace pipe.  In regard to the blue color on the cover, it is merely an accent, I thought just the white on the red might be to "plain". I later learned that John Marshall HS opened that year with its colors being red and blue. I got several negative feed back comments about the blue. To all who helped me with the yearbook, thanks again. Before the digital age and computers it was a lot of work pasting photos and indicating copy.  Ron Overdahl our photographer later became an award winning photographer for the Milwaukee Journal. 





07/03/20 08:59 PM #2877    


Tom Burger

Here is a photo from 1962 of the June 14th listing of the Custer graduates (Milwaukee Journal). Notice the ads to side...great art!!?? Well the prices were great, 59 cents for a pen, pencil, cuff links, tie bar and a knife!! What more can a guy ask for!!

07/10/20 08:54 PM #2878    


Jim Cejka

Speaking of yearbooks - 

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