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This message forum is an ongoing discussion about anything and just about everything ... within reason.  One thing our class was good at was having opinions.  Almost 70 years of life experience certainly qualifies us as experts on most everything!   Ask a question ... give an opinion ... share some insights ... it's our web site, it's our forum.  That said, it's probably not a good idea to get into arguments about politics, religion, and the like.  While we're experts on everything, we also have a wide range of values and beliefs. This site belongs to all of us ... the whole range ... and we are not here to isolate, alienate, or subjugate anybody.  Of course insults, humiliation, sophomoric barraggadocio, and demented humor is expected behavior among some of us less mature people.

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12/23/19 05:09 PM #2746    


Kenneth Pallaske

                      Merry Christmas to all my Custer classmates and families.

12/24/19 03:24 PM #2747    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Just finished filling the serving trays and preparing to set out all the goodies so that Karsten can adequately fortify himself to weather the next round of insults and insinuations most likely on the way from California. Born on Jesus' birthday, he somehow brings out the worst in some people (i.e., those who hint at cannabis-treat gifts, but then just don't produce the goods). Merry Christmas to all (even Garry).

12/24/19 05:24 PM #2748    


William Nelson

Merry Christmas to all!

I believe the last time Wisconsin played Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Oregon won. That was several years ago, but the thing I remember most was my cousin receiving the trophy for Oregon. She was raised on a farm near Chetek with 7 siblings (6 girls!), got a master's degree from UW in math and physical education. Her best offer came from Oregon and she moved to Eugene. She retired several years ago as Provost when her husband retired. The athletic department was outstanding and, as you know, had an outstanding football program. Unfortunately, the head coach and Athletic Director both were censured by NCAA and fired by the university for illegal recruiting activities. Lorraine's entire family was atop one of the highest mountain peaks in the area, celebrating their son's wedding. She didn't know until she got home that she'd been recruited to be the first female A.D. in the school's history. The president was convinced she was best qualified to straighten out the mess. She retired again when she'd accomplished that task. Then the president contracted cancer and she was called on again to become acting president until they could recruit another. That's how she wound up accepting the trophy for the Rose Bowl win. She's retired again; this time, she hopes, for good.

I asked her and the four sisters who now live in that area who they were going to root for. She responded first with, "That's easy! The one who's been signing my paychecks for 46-years."

Now, we're hoping LSU can pull off two more wins against two of the best teams in the country. We're also wondering if the Saints and Packers will play each other again in the near future. It's hard for us to choose on that one, but guess we'll go with the Saints and still love the Packers.

We'll be celebrating Christmas when our younger two kids' families arrive; probably on the 27th.

Best wishes for a better 2020. It's likely I'll be having eye surgery soon to achieve 2020.

Bill and Mary

12/24/19 08:06 PM #2749    


Jim Cejka

“God Jul”  -  y’all.  Have to get used to saying Merry Christmas in Norwegian now. One of my sons recently married a Norwegian girl and moved to Oslo. Now he’s sending me pictures of his “traditional” Norwegian Christmas – four day of a meat feast. Apparently calories and cholesterol are not indigenous to Norway.

Bill – At least this Rose Bowl is as it should be, Big 10 vs Pack 12. Remember when we were young; if you were in the Big 10 or Pac (at that time) 10, going to the Rose Bowl was the only thing that counted. Down south, it was the Orange Bowl, or if you were an oater, the Cotton Bowl. Win that, you didn’t care about anything else. Bragging rights for life. None of this fictional CFP, FBS, alphabet soup that never seems to come out right. And, no wowzers like the Big Boys Mower Gasparilla Bowls either. 

Nancy – I can side with Karsten. My wife bakes Christmas cookies by the buckets full, literally. Today we delivered them to the one relative we have in the area, my daughter’s work, all the neighbors, and the local fire station, and still have enough here to give this old man an epic sugar buzz.  And, you haven’t received any noteworthy Christmas “greetings” from the California spokesperson until you’ve moved from that beloved place to greener pastures on the other side of the country. 

Ken – Nice snow job. Yes, snow like that equals memories, but I can’t say that the good ones outweigh the bad. I will relax here on my porch and imagine that the 2.5 inches of rain we got last night would have equaled 25 inches of snow, and be satisfied that that will be my snow experience for this year. 

I hope you all have another great and Merry Christmas.

12/25/19 12:42 PM #2750    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Wishing all my Custer classmates a very merry Christmas, and wiping away copious happy tears from Patricia's video on the home page (I highly recommend viewing it if you haven't yet). This Christmas I am feeling blessed to be with our son & daughter-in-law and awaiting the birth of our first grandchild in February. Blessed to have lots of rain, perfectly spaced to avoid flooding (so far, fingers crossed). Blessed to be able to contact those far away via this website, Facebook, Facetime, and all the other tech marvels we never dreamed would exist back then. Blessed to have new friends and friendly neighbors here in Los Angeles - which I had thought did not exist here, as a dyed-in-the wool Northern Californian and Wisconsinite. I loved your photos of Christmases past; tried to contribute, but after a long search mine still remain buried in the garage somewhere. Can we do it again next year? May you have all the best in 2020. Doesn't that year have a nice ring to it? 

12/27/19 03:58 PM #2751    


Karsten Boerger

Eat your heart out Garry, 

01/03/20 02:59 PM #2752    


Jim Cejka

Garry - not worried about what happened 1970-2010, time flies when you're having fun, right?

What is to worry about is to remember to date those checks in 2020 instead of 2019. (Yes, some of us still do paper checks.)

01/03/20 06:34 PM #2753    


Garry Sellers

2020 Jim? ... isn't that what my eyesight used to be?  How do you expect me to write that on a check if I can't see?

Rose Bowl - Wisconsin loses by ONE stinkin' point.  Heck, they handed Oregon 14 points!  Saddest Rose Bowl since Ron Vanderkellen's 1963 Rose Bowl "almost" miracle.  (BTW, Ron died in 2016 AT THE AGE OF 76!  But he was old!!!)  I'm sure you watched the Rose Parade and noticed the short-sleeves.  It was fake news!  It was actually freezing here.  Don't any more of you Midwesterners think about moving out here after your brown Christmas.  We already have our quota of crazies.  Snow on Halloween and brown on Christmas.  You folks are seriously messed up!!! We're going to build a wall to keep undesirables out! 

01/05/20 08:03 PM #2754    


Jim Cejka

In our lifetimes, we have seen a quantum leap in technology and improvements to our quality of life. I believe we now may have reached the pinnacle of those achievements. From our benefactors at Charmin - "Charmin's pooptime robot pal will bring a new toilet paper roll when you need it most."



01/05/20 09:48 PM #2755    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

Please pardon my tardiness, but personal things got in my way, and I have neglected to wish all my CHS friends a most happy and joyous New Year. May 2020 bring us all whatever kind of peace we each strive to attain. May good health, physical and mental, be our special gifts. And may we appreciate the warmth and love of all those whom we are blessed to have in our lives. Shalom.

01/06/20 10:14 AM #2756    


Lauren Dieterich

Jim, regarding the Poop Time robot. There is a big if involved in using the robot. Someone has to remember to load the robot.  

I have been remiss in regards to holiday wishes. A very Merry Christmas and a sincere Happy New Year to all. After this past year I find a Col. Potter New Year's toast to be very appropiate: " Here's to the New Year, may it be a damn sight better than the old year "

01/06/20 12:45 PM #2757    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

I totally agree with Col. Potter!

01/06/20 02:28 PM #2758    


William Nelson

Ditto on Col. Potter's remark, Lauren.

01/07/20 12:12 AM #2759    


Melody Jones (Parker)

I do not think that 2020 has had a very good beginning!

So,  instead of Col. Potter, I observe an old Chonese proverb:

May you live in interesting times.

01/09/20 12:09 AM #2760    


Garry Sellers

Speaking of interesting times, have any of your seen "Little Women"?  I had a hard time in places where they made the time jump back and forth without warning me but overall it was fascinating how relevant something written during the Civil War is to today. It was so well done.  After seeing it, my granddaughters are reading it together with their Mom. What a wonderful way to share life's journeys.  I'd read it with my 7 y.o. grandson but it's hard to get him away from his transformers, Spiderman gadgets, iPad and Nintendo Switch! 

01/09/20 06:45 PM #2761    


Jim Cejka

01/11/20 02:24 PM #2762    


Lauren Dieterich

I've actually seen the term bubbler used in a couple of other parts of the country. But, growing up in Milwaukee, as we all did, Milwaukee was literally the only city in the US that called drinking fountains, bubblers. I remember when I was stationed at Ft. Devens, outside of Boston, trying to explain bubbler to the Pilgrims.

01/11/20 02:55 PM #2763    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

Food for the mind & soul.


Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped to rekindle mine.


01/11/20 03:00 PM #2764    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

Lauren, I actually saw a sign with the word "bubbler" and an arrow pointing the way at (of all places) the Tower of London!! Somewhere in my long forgotten hundreds of slides I have a picture of it. My husband and I followed the sign, and sure enough, we found the bubbler!

01/11/20 05:48 PM #2765    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Okay, Jeanne, if we're talking about food for the soul: I was so taken by a quote read by a volunteer with whom I worked on a proposition to end gerrymandering in Michigan. It is from the Talmud..... 

"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief.

Do justly, now.

Love mercy, now.

Walk humbly, now.

You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it."




01/11/20 06:28 PM #2766    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

Nancy, perhaps an extension of "If you see something, say something." Instead, if you see something, DO something. It really doesn't matter how much. Just SOMETHING! 

01/20/20 08:33 PM #2767    


Jim Cejka

01/22/20 10:51 PM #2768    


Garry Sellers




01/23/20 07:11 AM #2769    


William Nelson

Living in Louisiana far longer than we lived in Wisconsin, we root for the Saints. However, we don't forget our roots and still hope the Packers win every game, except when they play the Saints. We actually thought the Saints would be eliminated by the 49ers, but they were taken out one level too soon. 

At least LSU gave us something to cheer about this year. Don't expect that to happen two years in a row with Joe Burrow moving on to the NFL.  He'll be a tough act to follow. When our middle son went to LSU, he was able to attend most of their home games. They were good, but not that good, and it wasn't unusual to see them defeated. Most seasons, they've done well enough to think they could win every game, except Alabama. This year, that win alone was satisfying. the rest just added to the excitement.



01/23/20 10:49 AM #2770    


Nancy Davison (Boerger)

Thanks a bunch for the before and after, Garry. It was a sad day in the Michigan woods for ex-pat Cheeseheads.😭



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