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This message forum is an ongoing discussion about anything and just about everything ... within reason.  One thing our class was good at was having opinions.  Almost 70 years of life experience certainly qualifies us as experts on most everything!   Ask a question ... give an opinion ... share some insights ... it's our web site, it's our forum.  That said, it's probably not a good idea to get into arguments about politics, religion, and the like.  While we're experts on everything, we also have a wide range of values and beliefs. This site belongs to all of us ... the whole range ... and we are not here to isolate, alienate, or subjugate anybody.  Of course insults, humiliation, sophomoric barraggadocio, and demented humor is expected behavior among some of us less mature people.

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12/09/17 09:22 PM #2457    


Jim Cejka

Every day, firefighters in Los Angeles receive a brush burning index report that indicates the fire danger. If it's 162 or higher, that's considered extreme. The number for Thursday was 296, a record. The smoke plume from the fires extends 1000 miles out into the Pacific.

12/11/17 01:38 PM #2458    


Jeanne Zinser (Gottschalk)

We ALL weep with Santa!



12/15/17 11:45 AM #2459    


Jim Cejka

Reunion Recap #4: Wow

Had a light bulb, “duh” moment the other day, thinking, again, about the recent reunion. I realized that, with one or two exceptions, that was my first contact with everybody as adults. I think it took so long to realize because, outside of a few physical aging issues (and McCarthy getting red hair), nobody seemed to really change. Good friends, or people I hardly knew, were the same, fun, and interesting “kids” I knew back then. That’s so cool. Nice life, class. Thanks.

12/23/17 12:23 PM #2460    


Jim Cejka

Fire update. For a Wisconsin comparison, the Thomas fire is now the largest in CA history, and has currently burned over an area about twice the size of Washington county. It's only 65% contained. 

Not a Merry Christmas for everyone.

12/23/17 12:32 PM #2461    


Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)

Thanks for the music, Garry. I've never seen a piano used as a whole orchestra before, and they even supplied the chorus! Merry Christmas to you and my very special and terrific Custer classmates. ☃️🎁🥂


12/24/17 11:16 AM #2462    


Barbara Blair (Brenzel)

Totally agree with you!!  A Merry Christmas to all!

12/24/17 05:32 PM #2463    


Jim Cejka

It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags! . . . Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas . . . perhaps . . . means a little bit more!"

~Dr. Seuss


And, a very un-Grinchy Christmas to everyone.

12/25/17 08:44 PM #2464    


William Nelson

Merry Christmas to all!
Our youngest son will bring his family to our town tomorrow. They'll be staying with his in-laws initially and then move to our house on Thursday. We spent nearly an hour with them on FaceTime today, followed by nearly three hours with our eldest son Wisconsin. Our middle son's family will be here with us beginning Wednesday and spend a few days in our home. We had a 3-hour phone visit with him a couple of days ago. In the meantime, Mary and I have celebrated by ourselves, mostly remembering Chistmases past. 47-years ago, I proposed to her and she accepted on Christmas Eve. 

Remembering even farther back, my mom used to bake 50-60 different kinds of cookies for Christmas, in addition to fruit cake, candy, Yule Kaga, and stollen. (I'd love to have one of those stollens again!) Some of the cookies, but no stollen, are shown on the picture. Ken Rabas lived three houses away, so we'd often walk to and from school together. Mom asked me to invite him in to fix a cookie plate for his family. The cookies were stored in large jars in the guest room. Mom gave him a large aluminum platter my dad made and told him to take at least four of each so everybody in his family could sample them all. When he came down with the full platter he asked, "Mrs. Nelson, would it be OK if I stayed over in your guest room for a night?" My dad made a lot of aluminum trays and we still have a few. We also have one I made in 8th grade metal shop at Edison. Roger Pederson's dad was the teacher and he engraved all my family's names on it.

A few years later, 50-years ago to be exact, I was in DaNang, RVN for Christmas. I was fortunate enough to receive a lot of Christmas cards and some goodies to share with my buddies. Three things stand out in my mind about that Christmas.  My dad made a little Christmas tree with miniature ornaments and an aluminum canister to ship it in. I lived in a formerly French barracks and that tree was on my little wooden table. A pen pal sent a wreath of hard candies for me to share, and Ken Rabas' mom sent a little "tree" made from green ribbon and  a pipe cleaner trunk, with a gold star on top. I taped it to my locker door and thought about Ken's family every time I opened my locker.

12/31/17 01:46 PM #2465    


Jim Cejka

Musings on a New Year


Can't believe another one is coming.


In only about 12 hours, I'm going to have to remember a different year when I write a check.


Not even any football to worth watching. Sorry, but all this college bowl series stuff hype doesn't do anything for me. I'm old school. Growing up in Wisconsin, football meant winning the Big Ten and going to the Rose Bowl. Nobody carried about the other conferences, "national championship," or any of that stuff. If you were in the Big Ten, the Rose Bowl meant everything. In the Southwest, it was the Cotton Bowl, the Southeast, the Orange Bowl, and the Northeast never had any good teams anyway. There's no tradition to the bowls anymore. And, there's now a hundred of them, and such fun names - Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl, and of course, the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl. C'mon.


The Badgers are done (Congrats) and Packers aren't playing into the new year.


Like Garry said, dry December. Here we go drought again? We haven't even put this round of fires out yet.


A new year means watching the grandgirls grow.


Stay up, go to bed early? There's no big thrill to greet the new year anymore. There's no sense in going to bed early either. Around here, WWIII erupts for just about any celebration day. There's enough fireworks, bangs, and booms, to make a John Wayne movie sound quiet.


And, where will we be next year, this time? Son's due to be transferred. To follow or not to follow, that is the question.


Anyway, hope everyone has their own Happy New Year.

01/03/18 11:00 PM #2466    


Barbara Blair (Brenzel)

Happy New Year from frigid Milwaukee.  I know how an icicle feels!

01/07/18 08:44 PM #2467    


Garry Sellers

I can sympathize with you who are suffering through a brutal weather spell.  Hardly made it into the 60's here in Northern California today.  Chilly!  Wonder how long you folks back in the Midwest and East will have to leave your Christmas lights up?  My sister in Conover, north of Eagle River, is even complaining.  She's sitting by the wood burning stove looking at the Spring seed catalogs and dreaming!  How's living up nord now working out for you Ray?

01/08/18 06:30 AM #2468    


Ray Thompson

Well Garry actually it is a beautiful day up Nort in the woods today. 71 and sunny. Course the 71 degrees is in front of my fire place with the fan on.

01/16/18 12:33 PM #2469    


Jim Cejka

I'm getting too old for this - just finished taking Driver's Ed again. I'm a grandpa, so why can't I be 'grandfathered  in.' 

Maybe they found out I never took it at Custer. 

Actually, it was driver's ed for geezers. In CA, and other places I guess, if you take their course it means: a) you can still see good enough to read, b) you can remember long enough to take the test at the end, c) if you pass, you get a nice discount on your auto insurance, d) all of the above. 

Oh well. . .

01/17/18 01:01 PM #2470    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Hi all y'all-

This will give you a chuckle!  We woke up to 1 inch of snow this morning...and...they CLOSED THE SCHOOLS!!!   LMAO!!!

I clearly remember walking in knee high snow from 50th and Congress to Custer (1 mile) and NEVER was school closed!!!

That's one of our dogs, sniffing the snowman.  Notice the cap on the snowman!  This is part of our back yard here in North Carolina. 

This is a picture of my car covered in snow in the front yard.


01/17/18 05:21 PM #2471    


Jim Cejka

Miss California yet?

BTW, your Custer page says you're still hiding out in Woodland.

01/18/18 09:01 AM #2472    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Jim, I tried to "update profile" and it did not allow me to make changes to "residing in"...???

Garry, can you help me change from CA to NC?

01/21/18 06:58 PM #2473    


Jim Cejka

Yeah, Melody, I couldn't change some things in mine either. I'm trying to come up with some kind of conspiracy theory to blame Garry, but the football games are disconcerting and distracting me. I'm sure there's some reason.

01/21/18 09:27 PM #2474    


Garry Sellers

Do to the use of the phrase "All y'all" Melody is in danger of being removed from the class list.  It is perfectly okay for a member of the Custer Alumni to move to the South but they are not allowed to use the word "y'all" at least publicly ... unless they want to declare themselves as a true redneck!  You don't hear any of us transplanted Cheeseheads here in California saying "Like Wow Dude!", do you?  I rest my case.

01/21/18 11:57 PM #2475    


Jim Cejka

Right on man. Gnarly. But, everything is copacetic.

01/22/18 09:37 AM #2476    


Melody Jones (Parker)

OK you guys, I give up.  You caught me "red handed" so to speak.  No. California did not "rub off" on me.  Yes, North Carolina did.  So, I am publically declaring to "all y'all" that I am officially a gun toting member of the south!...and proud of it!  "Yehaw!"

01/22/18 09:23 PM #2477    


Jim Cejka

Melody - we may cut you some slack, IF you promise to stay a Packer cheesehead, in absentia. You can adopt the funny talk, but have to keep your allegiances to the Green and Gold, instead of those panther guys.

01/22/18 11:30 PM #2478    


Garry Sellers

In case anybody has noticed, our "In Memory" YouTube video has been deleted by one of the music labels.  I understand their rights but you sure would think they have better things to do with their time than take down a video honoring our deceased classmates.  If anybody wants a copy of it I think Fred and I have one around here someplace.

01/23/18 09:06 AM #2479    


Melody Jones (Parker)

Jim, I promise to wear my Packer hat and regularly cheer for the Pack whenever they are televised over here!  After all, once a Packer backer - always a Packer backer!!!


My son's Packer wall in his "man cave"


02/10/18 01:43 PM #2480    


Jim Cejka

So, it's veg in front of the Olympics time again. 

Somehow, zipping on my sled down the hill at Smith Park, or somebody's tobaggan (once we had access to a car) on the big slide at Currie Park, don't seem up to luge or bobsled. But, the scenery is great, it's a nice relief from anything else on TV, and a good mental exercise trying to figure out how some of those events got to be a "sport," let alone in the Olympics.

02/15/18 11:53 PM #2481    


Jim Cejka

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