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•   Judith Heinen (Jacobi)  7/18
•   Mitchell Heinrichs  7/18
•   Neil Dann  7/19
•   Roger Strehlow (Strehlow)  7/19
•   David Hansen  7/22
•   Wayne Trupke  7/27
•   Jane Bednarz (Holdridge)  8/1
•   Ray Thompson  8/1
•   Shirley Rubin (Dwyer)  8/3
•   Sharon Augustin (Neitzel)  8/6
•   Mary Gahnz (Perner)  8/9
•   Jerry Skopek  8/9
•   Randall Olozia  8/11
•   John Clark  8/12
•   Nancy Davison (Boerger)  8/12
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•   Jim Cejka  6/8
•   Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)  3/21
•   Dennis Lucchesi  3/15
•   Garry Sellers  3/12
•   Otto Felske  3/8
•   Tom Burger  2/23
•   Penny Knopf (Bublitz)  7/7
•   Melody Jones (Parker)  1/22
•   Fred Michael  11/8
•   Thomas Gajewski  11/7
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

9 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
19 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
16 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
5 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
3 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
4 live in Michigan
6 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
4 live in Nevada
1 lives in New York
4 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
4 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
11 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
177 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
179 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 43.4%

A:   209   Joined
B:   273   Not Joined

Did You Know:

"Ahh, so that means if I drink that anti-bacterial sanitizer instead of putting it on my hands, I can lose a lot of weight?”  Dean Schwarten

"Ron Willman tried using that line on me 60 years ago and to this day I still don’t trust him!”  Pamela Siebert Howe


 “That would explain why my kidney function is perfect but my liver ist nicht so gut, nicht wahr?”  Karsten Boerger

 “Yeah, well most of the time you don’t have to carry a plastic bag with you when you’re walking a human … unless you’re in law enforcement!”  Ray Thompson

“I’m starting to understand why my mother had that talk with me a long time ago. I wonder how many bacteria you exchange when the two of you … oh forget it!”  Marilyn Griffith Bauer

“Of course I talk to myself, especially when I want an expert’s opinion.  Besides, at least I know somebody is listening.”  Ron Chesnik

“I’ve always been interested in people but I’ve never liked them!”  Karen Krause

“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!”  Barbara Blair Brenzel

“The only thing you have to fear is fear itself … and spiders.”  F@#* spiders!” Judy McConnell Anderson

“Did you hear that Honey?  I was right all along and it simplifies meal planning.  So now shut up and eat your dinner!  Pass the salt and ketchup please!”  Patricia McCarthy

“I have dead batteries under there!” Anonymous 

"That’s making some real assumptions about how many I had to start with?  I could be a few French fries short of a Happy Meal!”  Wayne Reineck


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Plan to Celebrate your #75 with all of us

Our group 75th birthday party

September 14, 2019

TIME:  10:30 AM
PLACE:  Machine Shed, Pewaukee
Be there or be square ... or round like many of us!


Wanna Know the real facts about the September 14
75th Birthday Party?

You’re not alone …

you might as well accept that you are or soon will be 75!…

So join the party …


Your first thought might have been, “75th?  Did I miss something again?  Didn’t we just have our 55th Reunion?  Damn … I really must be losing my mind!!!”

No, it’s your Reunion Committee’s doing!  (Photo taken BEFORE they started drinking!)


They’re talking about most of us having our 75th birthday in 2019 and want to recognize it with a celebration on September 14, 2019.

So start thinking now about that weekend.

More details will follow in the coming months.  This gives you time for your hip replacement, face lift, liver transplant, portable oxygen therapy, order your toupee or hair transplant, get new support hose, etc.

Remember the 7 P's  ... "proper prior planning ..." oh heck, I forget the rest.