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•   Bryan Gutknecht  10/31
•   Marilyn Griffith (Bauer)  11/2
•   Bonnie Kluczny (Hayburn)  11/3
•   Dennis Sorensen  11/3
•   Donald Luckow  11/4
•   Judith McConnell (Anderson)  11/7
•   Toni Rae Cera (Stockinger)  11/8
•   Allan Le Pine  11/8
•   Sandra Sleik (Yetman)  11/14
•   Gisele Boerger (Holmquist)  11/16
•   William Gregorius  11/16
•   Judith Franzel (Clifton)  11/17
•   Werner "Bernie" Raml  11/18
•   Wayne Klamik  11/19
•   Don Immekus  11/23


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•   David Holm  9/19
•   Melody Jones (Parker)  9/10
•   Jon Schendel  8/13
•   Warren De Smidt  7/30
•   Gordon "Allen" Mitchell  7/16
•   Denis Kuehn  5/28
•   Kenneth Pallaske  5/17
•   Terri Levenhagen (Hoornstra)  5/10
•   William Nelson  4/5
•   Eugene Melzer  3/31
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9 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
19 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
16 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
5 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
3 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
4 live in Michigan
6 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
4 live in Nevada
1 lives in New York
4 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
4 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
10 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
175 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
178 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 43.3%

A:   207   Joined
B:   271   Not Joined

We just learned of the passing of Jackie Neist Naumann back in August.  For more information see "Recent Passings".

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Love Kissing GIF - Love Kissing Forever GIFs

I Love Lucy GIF - ILoveLucy Reactions TVShows GIFs


    John and Mary Gilbert

Mary:  Whatever happened to our sexual relations?

John:  I don’t know, I don’t think we even got a Christmas card from them last year.

  Dog Cachorro GIF - Dog Cachorro Surprise GIFs

   David and Angie Holm

David:  I’m really worried about getting this virus and if I die from it, I want to go with a clear conscious.  Something’s been bothering me for a long time.

Angie:  Hmmm.  Did you want to tell me about this “something”?

David:  Yes … I … I … I was unfaithful to you … once.  It was back in ‘71, I was drunk, it was in the men’s room of a pool hall, a blond, she really came on to me and … I was weak.

Angie: Umm …David you old fool … that was me!

烦死了 GIF - Annoyed Omg OhGodNo GIFs

  Dennis and Gert Lucchesi

Gert:  (Sneezes)

Dennis:  Does the whole “… in sickness and in health …” thing still apply in a pandemic situation?

Gert:  (if looks could kill …) For your health’s sake, would you like to reconsider that question?

When A Friend Pisses You Off GIF - Parks And Recreation GIFs

  Ron and Lynnette Lloyd

Lynnette:  Everything is a risk. Getting out of bed every day is a risk. Being vulnerable is a risk. Loving someone so hard you feel like you’ll burst is a risk. Letting yourself feel anything is a risk...

Ron: Lynnette, we are not booking a cheap cruise ok so please friggin’ stop!

  No No No No GIF - No NoNoNo NuHuh GIFs


  Roger and Carol Albers Pederson

Roger: There's a run on toilet paper.

Carol: We'll be fine.

Roger: Did you stock up?

Carol: We have your books.

  Friends Matt Leblanc GIF - Friends MattLeblanc Matt GIFs


  Dean and Lois Graf Schwarten

Lois:  Quarantine Month 6 - I’ve become very aware of Dean’s toenails and I’d like to be voted off the island NOW!

  Good Morning Funny Animals GIF - GoodMorning FunnyAnimals InsomniaCat GIFs


  Wayne and Terry Reineck

Wayne; (Sulking …)

Terry:  What’s the matter now?

Wayne:  You said I was stupid.

Terry;  I never called you stupid, but when I asked you to spell “orange” and you asked me the fruit or the color … it kinda caught me off guard.

  Alison Brie What GIF - AlisonBrie What GIFs


  John Stanelle and partner Brenda

Brenda: (eating chips in bed)

John: I thought you said no eating in the bed.

Brenda: We live in a different world now.

John: (smiling wickedly and reaching under the covers) So, can we ………

Brenda: (interrupts) No!  I told you I’d never agree to …

Bea Golden Girls GIF - Bea GoldenGirls Disgust GIFs 


  Rod and Linda Gehrig

(On a grocery shopping trip)

Linda: I can’t remember beef ever being this expensive

Rod: Would you say the steaks have never been higher? LOL

Linda: Please go wait in the car.  OUR car this time.

  Kick Get Out GIF - Kick GetOut GIFs

  John and Marilyn Griffith Bauer

John:  You amaze me.  During this quarantine whenever I get mad at you, you don’t seem to get upset.  How do you manage it?

Marilyn:  I just go and clean the toilet.

John:  How does that help?

Marilyn:  I use your toothbrush

  Shocked Gasp GIF - Shocked Gasp Cats GIFs


  Don and Peggy Luckow

[Month 5 of quarantine)

Don: (sitting down to dinner) What’s this?

Peggy:  A delicious plate of Cheeto’s.   I ate everything else already.

  Eating Cheetos GIF - Eating Cheetos GIFs


  Ken and Luanne Pallaske

Luanne: This quarantine has taught couples something. 

Ken: What?

Luanne:  Before getting married you should think long and hard about whether you could survive an indefinite isolation with that person.

Ken:  Is there something you want to tell me?

Luanne:  Sweetie, if you don’t stop constantly singing, “M m m m my y y y y  Corona …” you’ll have something to worry about more than a worldwide pandemic!

Frustrated Strangle GIF - Frustrated Strangle Stressed GIFs


  General Russ and Patricia McCarthy

Russ:  (Quarantine Day 1) This is going to be so great we’ll be able to do some real bonding

Pat: (6 months later) I swear if you breathe like that one more friggin’ time I will burn this place to the ground!

Kitty Foreman - Crazy Laugh GIF - KittyForeman Laugh Laughing GIFs

  Ray and Linda Thompson

Ray: Did you hear about those murder hornets? So crazy!

Linda: I bet their husbands chew like you

Ray: What? Me: Huh?

  Blink Blinking GIF - Blink Blinking Glasses GIFs

  Gerard and Kathy Piette Iwinski

Kathy: What’s burning?

Gerard: I’m making a grilled cheese

Kathy: You know you’re supposed to use bread, right?

Gerard: I’m going low carb

Kathy: That’s an entire block of cheddar


  You Are ABad Cook Mad GIF - YouAreABadCook Mad GIFs

  Jerry and Christine Skopek

Christine:  “Let’s cuddle on the couch and watch something.” \

Jerry:  (what he hears) “Let’s have sex in like 15 minutes.”

  Dog Eyebrow GIF - Dog Eyebrow Funny GIFs

  Lance and Eileen Eigenfeld Miller

Lance:  I found $20 in the parking lot!”

Eileen:  Wow, what did you do with it, donate to Ronald McDonald House?

Lance:  No, I thought ,,, what would Jesus do?

Eileen:  Oh … this is going to be good.  Pray tell what you did?

Lance:  I turned it into wine.

  Ffs Baby GIF - Ffs Baby Really GIFs

  Dennis and Ellyn Steinbach Sorenson

Dennis:  If you knew how long this quarantine was going to last, would you do anything different.

Ellyn:  Yeah, I’d have ordered dessert at that restaurant we were at before this started.

Pigging Out Eat GIF - PiggingOut Eat NonStopFood GIFs

  Karsten and Nancy Davison Boerger

Nancy:  So in retrospect, not a single person, including you got the answer right, Mr. Know-It-All!

Karsten:  What are you talking about?

Nancy:  Back in 2015 when we did that survey,  “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”.

  Whatever Shrug GIF - Whatever Shrug LoveLucy GIFs

  Rich an Julianne Simone

Rich:  I learned about a do-it-yourself home Covid 19 test

Julianne:  Gee … that’d be awesome.  How’s it work?

Rich:  Every night about 5:00 we open a bottle of wine, smell it and then pour some in a glass.  If you can smell it and taste it … YOUR GOOD! Then we can finish the bottle.

Julianne:  You’ve been talking to Ron Willman again, haven’t you? Darn it, didn’t you promise me … ?

   Judge Judy Isn't Havin It GIF - JudgeJudy FacePalm Stressed GIFs


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Chocolate Com Pimenta Outdrica GIF - ChocolateComPimenta Outdrica DeniseDelVecchio GIFs

Star Trek Star Trek Tos GIF - StarTrek StarTrekTos Spock GIFs


  Bill and Sheryl Martin (class of ’63) Bailen

    Sheryl:  “Bill, did I get fat during the quarantine?”

  Bill:  “Well … you never really were skinny!”

These were the last words ever spoken by Bill.

Time of Death:  11:23 p.m. Aug 1, 2020

Cause of Death:  Coronavirus 

Cat Sassy GIF - Cat Sassy Fabulous GIFs

  Trudy Bubolz LaBonte – It’s hard to believe that a couple months of uncut hair would weigh 20 pounds … but that’s what my scale says and it’s never wrong.

Weight Scale Baby GIF - WeightScale Baby Ahhh GIFs

  Sandy Wachs Oldham - If you eat well and get lots of sleep … do exercise … and drink lots of water … you’ll die anyway!  Open the wine!

Cheers Wine GIF - Cheers Wine LetsDrink GIFs

  John Stanelle -  I was stopped at a traffic light just off The Strip in Las Vegas and this gorgeous looking young lady in a skin tight mini-dress leans into my car window and says, “For $50  I’ll do whatever you want!”  I said, “Do you know how to cut hair?”

  Kramer Seinfeld Surprised GIF - KramerSeinfeld Surprised Woah GIFs

Nancy Davison Boerger - This quarantine might have given me a slight drinking problem.  Karsten asked me, “Would you toast some bread for me Schatzi?”  So I raised my glass of wine and said, “Here’s to bread!"

Toast Negs GIF - Toast Negs Nega GIFs

  Jackie Neist Naumann -  I’m not adding this year to my age.  I didn’t use it.

Golden Girls Sophia Petrillo GIF - GoldenGirls SophiaPetrillo EstelleGetty GIFs

  Kathy Piette Iwinski - If you wear your jeans for 5 days in a row, they get all baggy and it looks like you’re losing weight.  Follow me for more professional life quarantine tips.

Wink Got It GIF - Wink GotIt Sure GIFs

  Mike Fargo = I took my wife to get a Covid 19 test.  Two days later I get a call from him saying. “I’m sorry to inform you that your wife’s test results were mixed up with another patient’s.  We’re not sure if she has Covid-19 or Alzheimer’s.

I said, “ So what am I supposed to do now?”

Doctor said, “Take her for a long walk and leave her.  If she finds her way back home, don’t open the door!”

Nah Cute Cat GIF - Cat Nah Nope GIFs

  Jeanne Zinser Gottschalk - On average, a panda feeds for approximately 12 hours a day.  This is the same as an adult home under quarantine, which is why we call it a Pandemic.

Annoyed Cross Eyed GIF - Annoyed CrossEyed Duh GIFs

  Fred Michaels - Do you know that awesome feeling when you get into bed, fall right asleep, stay asleep all night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day?  Yeah, me neither!

Secret Life Of Pets Sigh GIF - SecretLifeOfPets Sigh Sad GIFs

  Mairan Schopp Bringe -The amount of jokes about the coronavirus has reached worrying numbers.  Scientists claim we are in the middle of a pundemic.

Kid Little Girl GIF - Kid LittleGirl Cute GIFs

  Larry Scholl = When this lockdown is finally over, if you had to choose between going on a bender with your buddies or taking you wife out for a romantic dinner, which bar would you meet your buddies in?

27 Mugs Of Beer! GIF - Beer German HappyHour GIFs

  Terri Levenhagan Hoostra - At the store there was a big X telling me where to stand.  I’ve seen too many Roadrunner cartoons to fall for that crap.

Ah Ha Idea GIF - AhHa Idea Eureka GIFs

  John Rohland - Now that I’ve lived through an actual plague, I totally understand why Italian Renaissance paintings are full of naked fat people laying aroudn oun couches.

Miley Cyrus Twerks On Famous Paintings GIF - Painting Classic MileyCyrus GIFs

  Judy Blaske - Masks are apparently the new bra. They’re uncomfortable, you only wear them in public and when you don’t wear one everyone notices.

Interesting... GIF - Interesting GIFs

  Ted Gienke– You go to a party ignoring social distancing and masks, you could go to jail.  If you are in jail they’ll let you out because of coronavirus.

Stuck Behind Bar GIF - Stuck BehindBar LetMeIn GIFs

- - - - - - - - -



Free to be with friends at last  …

  Running Hug GIF - Running Hug Embrace GIFs

well sort of...

Head Wrap Plastic Wrap GIF - HeadWrap PlasticWrap GIFs

Before and After Quarantine



Carol Alber Pederson  Before    After     Anybody have an owners manual for a husband.  Mine’s making a whining sound.

Old Man Aussie GIF - OldMan Aussie Mad GIFs  


Wayne Reineck    Before   After      They say you can’t fix stupid.  Turns out you can’t quarantine it either.

  Nervous Guilty GIF - Nervous Guilty Trident GIFs


Sue Geitmann Bingham    Before     After    Apparently one of the symptoms of Covid-19 is having no taste.  Looking back on my past relationships I think I’ve been infected for a long time.

  ILove Lucy Lucille Ball GIF - ILoveLucy LucilleBall LucyRicardo GIFs

Bill Bailen  Before   After     Hugh Hefner became a multi-millionaire staying home in his pajmas.  I’m not having the same results.


Bernie Raml   Before    After     Wife and I went to the store with our masks on, got home and took them off only to discover I brought home the wrong wife!  PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!

  Ouch GIF - Ouch Phoebebufay Lisakudrow GIFs

Leslie Werner Zahn    Before     After   Remember all those times we wished the weekend would last forever?  Well, wish granted.  Happy now?

  Annoyed Pissed Off GIF - Annoyed PissedOff Cute GIFs

Sharon Augistine Neitzel  Before   After     The spread of Covid 19 is based on two factors:  1.  How dense the population is; 2/  how dense the population is.

Bill Gregorius Before   After    Whoever decided that a liquor store is more essential than a hair salon is obviously a bald headed alcoholic.

  Hehe Bald Martin GIF - Hehe BaldMartin Nod GIFs

John Gilbert  Before   After       If you believe all this will end and we will get back to normal once we reopen everything … raise your hand.  Now slap yourself with it.

Kirk Slap GIF - Kirk Slap SelfSlap GIFs



Bruce Milke  Before    After    People are scared of getting fined for congregate in crowds.  As if catching a deadly disease and dying a horrible death isn’t enough of a deterrent.

Dennis Unterholzen   Before   After    Just wait a second so what you’re telling me that my chance of surviving all this, is directly linked to the common sense of others?

Confused Perplexed GIF - Confused Perplexed What GIFs  

Mitch Heinrichs  Before   After    If these last few months taught us anything its that stupidity travels faster than any virus on the planet.

  Elmo Nothing GIF - Elmo Nothing Idk GIFs

Barbara Blair Benzel  Before    After    When this virus thing is over with  … I still want some of you to stay away from me.

  Rage Grandma GIF - Rage Grandma Angry GIFs

Mary Jacobi Hartman  Before    After    Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree yet?  I have run out of things to do.

  Lazy Cat GIF - Lazy Cat Stairs GIFs

Coleen Kober Marshall  Before      After    I see a big baby boom coming our way in 9 months.  They will be called the C-19 babies and the number one baby names will be Scott and Charmin.

  Wow Omg GIF - Wow Omg Surprised GIFs

Patricia McCarthy Before   After   So let me get this straight, there’s no cure for a virus that can be killed by sanitizer and hand soap?

  Seriously Like GIF - Seriously Like ButWhyThough GIFs

Roger Pedersom  Before    After    The world is now Vegas.  Everbody is losing money, it’s acceptabe to drink at all hours and nobody knows what day it is.

Melody Parker Jones  Before    After    I hate when Walmart doesn’t have what I want and I have to go home, change out of my pajamas, brush my hair so that I can go to Target.

Karsten Boerger  Before   After   Be good to your spouce, remember that he/she could poison you and it would count as a covid death!

  Dancing Lady Dance GIF - DancingLady Dance Moves GIFs

- - - - - - - - - -


As we slowly emerge from our months ... what felt like decades ... of isolation, we look around to see what's changed.  But maybe the biggest change is in us!  Take a look and see what isolation has done to some of your classmates.  BEFORE the quarantine and AFTER!

Before After   Judy McConnell Anderson

Can I go outside now?  I just cut the legs out of my pajamas for a summer wardrobe.  The longer this goes on the harder it is to return to a society where pants and bras are required.

Before   After    Gordy Sauer

The police confront nudist sunbathers over not wearing facemasks amid coronavirus outbreak. They also came to my door and told me it was okay to run around the house naked … but I’d have to do it inside from now on.

Before      after    Sandy Wachs Oldham

With so many sporting events cancelled, they’re having to televise the World Origami Championship…It’s on Paperview.

Before   After    Peggy Petersen Trudell

Not to brag, but I haven’t been late for anything for the past 3 months!

Before   After    Carol Sarg Kaebish 

I hope they give me two weeks’ notice before sending us back out into the real world.  I think we'll all need the time to become ourselves again.  And by "ourselves" I mean lose 20 pounds, cut our hair and get used to not drinking at 9:00 a.m.

Before   After     Rod Gehrig

Have to say that the Class of 2020 outdid themselves with Senior Skip Day this year!  Hey, wait!  Did we do that in 1962?  We should have if we didn’t!


Before   After  Alan Mitchell

When this quarantine is over, let's not tell some people.

Before  After     Kathy Piette Iwinski

They can open things up this month, I'm staying in until July to see what happens to you guys first.


Before  After   JacKie Niest Naumann

For the next part of this quarantine do we have to stay with the same family or will they relocate us?  Asking for myself ...

Before   After   Carol Pritchard Free

The dumbest thing I've ever bought was a 2020 planner ...

Before  After   Tom Burger (or Van Gogh!)

I’m starting to miss people I don’t even like!

Before    After    Klara Ruppert Grigg

To be honest, I’ve wanted to spray a lot of people with Lysol before this all started.

Before   After     Jeanne Zinser Gottschalk

87% of gym members don’t even know their gym is closed!

Before     After       Bill LaBonte

Due to the quarantine I’ll only be telling inside jokes.  I’ll tell you a coronavirus joke now but you’ll have to wait 2 weeks to see if you get it.

Before    After     Gene Melzer

It’s been such a joy being home with my wife these past 3 months.  We’ve caught up on all the things I’ve done wrong in the last 30 or so years!

And so the saga continues ...

- - - - - - -  

  Kid Tired GIF - Kid Tired Monday GIFs 

(If you look closely at the masks you may recognize somebody.)

  Garry Sellers - My wife and I have had some heavy discussion during this isolation.  Last night I asked her if I was the only one she’d ever been with.  She said yes … all the others have been nines and tens…

Shocked GIF - KungFuPanda Omg Shookt GIFs